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Entering the World with Opened Eyes

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things and having to go back home which they had to find a way to go back. Books like this certain won can help kids know more about dinosaurs in a fun way. I remember about the knight one where Jack was known as a knight as well and he had to do what knights do There is many books in this series that kids can learn from. Imagination is a big part of not only kids but even in adults minds. With no imagination we can not invent new things or even places. We basically have to put or mind into something and it can happened. Bob has a lot of things that have meaning for the audience which would be the kids to learn from him and his friends.

The main purpose of books like these are for kids to grow up and read on books with these types of topics for kids to have places of resource of real life other than around them and in a easy understanding way. There is challenges that kids go through and the events and problems the kids go through in these books. For kids it is hard to take the world with only the knowledge they got from their parents can be difficult because they can teach them and teach them but when the day comes they might do as the parent told them to take the sitauion because all that their thinking about is their parents said. As for when kids read a book and learn to take on a problem and or sitauion they have more of an imagination that they think more of the result in the book in the book for the most part so they are less worried about what happends. Kids may learn a lot from people but books can have them have more results because of what happends in the stories they read and as for them being taught something at home that is always what if what happends and kids may always have that question in their head.

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- All the books from Magic Tree House have some type of messeage and might not only have one sometimes even more than just that one. For the most part they go back in time and show how it was back in the day and before the day.

- Having a friend like Jupitar in the first book can always be a good influence on kids but can also be a bad so kids just need to be careful with what them and their friend do in and outside of school.

- Kids imagination can be extrodanary we shouldn’t take kids for granted most of the time.

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