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A Letter to Future Professor

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Outside of class, I also collect feedback from others. I like to hear honest criticism because the words are not lies. I often ask for feedback on my paper work when I send my work to people. They will write what they experience and feel after they go through my paper. Criticism gives me a compare and contrast view from others, I do not want my project to just sound personal, also, I wish for acceptances of my work from others too. History is proved and accepted by time and people. Since my career will be focuses in Computer Science, I will create IT products in the future. My products will have to face criticism before I put the pie on the table. So let get used to harsh facts.

Since I am not an American born, therefore I believe my grammar always contain mistakes. Fortunately, Writing Center at SCC is very useful because they have many wonderful instructors that help me. Sometimes, I want to fix grammar, so Writing Center is the first place to come. And then I go online to confirm the grammar again. But I want to improve my grammar more than just academic level. Language change years to years, and a part of the language become forgotten. I will seek for your help because I know most of History professors are very good at writing. My goal is to improve grammar because I want to communicate my work with others.

The final skill is publishing. I never got trouble turning in my paper, but I never felt satisfied with my grades. Most of the time, I made a chaotic outline, and most of the feedback are from local friends. I want to overcome the limits, and I want my papers to sound perfect. Your History class will be my first social science class at this college, and I believe that you can point out omission on my paperwork. History publications always require the truth, so my future IT products require the acceptance from the community.

I am well prepared to take your course with my six skills I have learned from English courses (brainstorming, outlining, seeking and incorporating feedback, revising content, grammar and style, and publishing). But this is not where I want to stop. I need your help, so I can improve my skills. Also, the skills will come with me forever to support my IT career.

Thank you very much for your time reading my bad covering letter


Dat Nguyen


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