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The Easter Island Moai Statues

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knows who the faces represent. Lastly, if the Pyramids of Giza is that old and still has managed to stand for over 4,000 years, then I’m pretty sure the pyramids are going to be alright. After reading this, do you really think the Pyramids of Giza should be put on the list?

Another site that doesn’t deserve to be put on the WHC’s list is the Taj Mahal. You’re probably asking: HOW! It’s the monument of love, so why not love it and save it? Well, the WHC doesn’t put sites on their list, whose government doesn’t help protect it. Factories, oil refineries and cars in the city of Agra pump pollutions into the air. The pollutants have begun to eat away and discolor the white marbles. The government should have done something before there was pollution everywhere. To add on, the monument should have been built with better quality materials. If they did that then the white marbles wouldn’t have faded away. If the government took action right away, then half of this wouldn’t have happened. These two sites shouldn’t be put on the WHC’s list along with many others. A site that really deserves to be put on the list is the Easter Island Moai statues.

Now, do you understand why it’s so important to save these statues? If we don’t do anything now, I don’t know what will happen to them. In a few years, there just might be only a few moai left. That’s why we must take action now! There were many problems that the moai faced. For example, tourism has been a big threat to the moai. The tourists have been littering and there has been so much pollution around. These magnificent statues really need better protection. And if that’s not bad enough, the statues are breaking down piece by piece. With all the rain, sea spray and fungi, I don’t know how these statues can still stand after a few years. That’s why we need the World Heritage Community’s help to protect the moai. Like I said before: we must take action now!


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