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Isolated Social Connnections

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The other potential damaging effect of social media use can be tied to the fear that we are addicted to it without actually realising it. People are obsessed with social media, they are more likely to be engaged with technology than to think about their present and future career. The excessive usage of social sites has an immoral impact on our society. They are limiting our face-to-face interactions and reducing the motivation and academic achievements among students. The young generation is more engaged with social networks than others, this can be dangerous for our youth’s mental and physical health.

We use Instagram, Facebook and all other sites to connect ourselves more and more, but in that process we set ourselves to be isolated. Technology is making a bid to redefine human connections, how we care for each other, how we care for ourselves, but it is also giving us the opportunity to affirm our values and our direction. We grew up with digital technology and so we see it as all grown up. But it is not. There is a plenty of time for us to reconsider how we use it and how we build it. We need to develop a more self-aware relationship with our devices, with each other and with ourselves.

Now, we all need to focus on the many, many ways technology can lead us back to our real lives, our own bodies, our own communities, our own politics, and our own planet. Let's contemplate about how we can use digital technology, the technology of our dreams, to make this life, the life we can love.


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