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Content of a Deadmans Pocket

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This story narrates a tale of mental exploration and a deep meaning to life as readers are taken through a journey of self-discovery and willingness by the main character, Tom. In this work of literature, the main character, Tom, climbs out of a window to retrieve a yellow paper and goes through dangerous tribulations in the process. The author uses characterization to create suspense by revealing to the audience how Tom thinks and feels at a specific moment and the author also creates suspense by revealing how determined Tom is to make it back to his apartment.

To commence, the author creates suspense by exhibiting the emotions and thoughts of Tom throughout the story. The yellow paper with all of Tom’s research flys out the window and debates on retrieving the paper or not. Once he decides to retrieve the paper, he climbs out the window and this commences the journey of anticipation and suspense for both Tom and the audience. As seen, the author shares with the audience what Tom is thinking and his thought process, “It was hard for him to understand that he actually had to abandon it - it was ridiculous - and he began to curse”. Soon the journey becomes more dangerous and with every second, the more anxious Tom becomes. With the statement, “fear stirred in his stomach” which causes the audience to feel much more suspense and gives an insight to the mind of Tom. Moreover, he becomes more frightened and terrified at the thought of him falling. As evidence, the verbiage and negative thinking cause the audience to further feel the intensity with statements such as “contents of a dead man’s pocket, he thought, one sheet of paper bearing penciled notations - incomprehensible…” and when he thinks about death he becomes angered and thinks he would be “a wasted life” if he were to fall.

Furthermore, the author further creates and intensity when he characterizes Tom to be determined and steadfast in his goal of reaching his apartment. The suspense becomes even greater when Tom must devise a plan on how he is going to reach his apartment. His plan of breaking the glass prove to be dramatic and suspenseful, “but if the glass did not break, the rebound, flinging his arms back, would topple him off the ledge. He was certain of that.” This adds a sense of direness or a flight or fight sense in the audience. Tom’ attempts to make it back to his apartment prove to be most suspenseful in how “with full power, with every last scrap of strength he could bring to bear, he shot his arm forward towards the glass, crying Clare”. In this he is desperate for help and the intensity of his strength running out and his possible death is looming causes the audience to feel the sense of terror with him.

In conclusion, the author creates suspense in how he characterizes Tom. His characterization of Tom causes the audience to know how he thinks and feels at a certain time and causes the audience to go through the motions


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