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Content Is No More King?

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Creative, innovative, unique, excellent and enjoyable content needs to market well, promoted well. Mere having these excellent contents might not effectively and efficiently make profits for the Firms. Proper STPD strategies needs to be implemented to sustain and attract more customers, reach untapped, new customers.

Different contents would serve different objectives, different needs of the audience. Proper analysis of the served audience must be undertaken while developing relevant contents.

Experimenting these contents with new innovative promotional strategies should also be undertaken in order to find hidden potentials of these contents in various combinations.

Post Promotions and Advertising through content marketing, proper accurate analysis needs to be done in order to find the effectiveness and efficiency of these strategies and to decide on the future course of re-implementing or re-inventing these strategies.

There’s a lot of money being thrown into content marketing. As per, Marketers are now spending $44 Billion on Content Marketing. Hence proper precise analysis needs to be done at which content marketing efforts have had the greatest ROI and plans to spend even more on them.

There could be a peer competitor producing and promoting much excellent and better awesome contents. Proper SWOT strategies needs to be revoked to out-content them.

SEO and content marketing complement each other and hence corresponding better SEO strategies must be implemented for the respective content marketing plan.

Thus, Effective and efficient Content Marketing strategies must be complement other relevant corresponding marketing strategies for retaining and acquiring market share and to boost sales and profitability.


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