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Descriptive Analysis Essay

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and red organic annular decoration represents the nature.

The artist makes abundant of the principles of design. Repetition is visibly presented by colors of Saint’s outfits and annular architecture, and also repetition by patterns of spots on the wall and writing desk. The color of the pattern on the front of the writing desk is also a

repetition of the color on the background, and this helps the whole picture become unity. Variety is evident in the combination of different shapes. For example, the chair and the writing desk are geometric shapes, but they are surrounded by a large circular organic shape. This helps the full artwork become more balance between unity and variety. The balance of this artwork is eye direction. We can tell there is a clearly focal point which is Saint Jerome in the middle when we first see this artwork. Then we can see he is writing something and continue going down we can see the opening Bible. At the bottom of the bible, there is a lion only shows with its head may symbolic the authority. The most wonderful part is the rim of the mirror guides the viewer’s eyes back to the top of the picture plane to view the detail objects on the top of the chair. Obviously, the primary area of emphasis is the reflection in the mirror which is in the middle part of the picture surrounded by the red flower trimming. However, there is another psychological reason; the characters in the artwork are seen as a key point automatically. The beard’ gray color of Saint Jerome and the white color of his lining inside the outfits make a good value and color contrast with the light red color of the costumes. The combination of these principles of design produces a great visual weight.

Through the ample use of the elements and principles of design, this unknown designer has created a solemn canonical church father with absorbed achievement. He used color, value, shape, and pattern carry a forcible realistic artwork inspired a perfect contrast. Unity is presented by the similarity of color and shape to provide a great and strong

harmony. This sense of harmony gives the artwork a sense of passion relevant to the subject, and as the contrast with the value and color of intensity. The designer used bold reflection way to highlight the focal point and emphasis. Good movement to guide viewer’s attention to comprehend every detail and relate to the whole picture. The overall performance of the painting presents an impression of a serious but passionate search for truth.


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