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Chipsbuttowski Malaysia

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Swot analysis

Strength :-

1. The strengths of the company are why it has remained functional today.

2. Chipbuttowski Company has innovative capabilities and great advertisement.

3.This company has the capabilities to create whatever flavour customers desire.

4.Advertisement is how the company has gained over 59% of the snack eating world (Chipbuttowski, 2015).

5.Incentives are given to some customers who purchase and participate in contest Chipbuttowski conduct to create new flavours.

6.This company distributes worldwide and employs not only factory workers but farmers to grow their potatoes and corn for the chips.

Weakness :-

1.The weaknesses of the Chipbuttowski Company are what are

hindering it from growing.

2.The chip sare not consumed by a large part of the elite class.

3.Some rumours are the company uses pig fat tofry the chips.

4.Another weakness is that the company does not have enough healthy

snacks toreach more consumers.

5.These weaknesses are an easy fix with some adjustments to the

cooking of the chips.

Opportunities :-

- The opportunities the Chipbuttowski Company has are limitless.

- Introducing new flavours that are in demand, such as “Ranch Kettle Cooked

Chips” would increase profits.

- The Chipbuttowski Company can expand to rural areas targeting a new

customer base.

Threat :-

`1.The main threat against the Chipbuttowsk Company would be consumer demands and competitors.

- If more potato chip companies are created this would be completion for


- Also if customers stopped eating the potato chips the demand would

decrease causing profits to decline

Mamee Double-Decker (M) Sdn Bhd doing business as MAMEE is a Malaysian based company with interests in the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of snack foods, beverages, and other products, that exports to around 100 international country's, under the slogan "A World of Good Taste" and is very popular in Australasian areas like Singapore, Indonesia and Australia. As of 2015 the company headquarters is in the Air Keroh Industrial Estate in Malacca, Malaysia and it has an office in Subang, Selangor in Greater Kuala Lumpur.As of 2008, it has its registered office in City Plaza in Johor Bahru.. It distributes the Mister Potato and Mamee Noodles brands.The company was founded by Datuk Pang Chin Hin in 1971, who also serves as the company's Executive Chairman. Mamee was incorporated on 3 August 1991 and was listed on the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange's main board on 18 March 1992. Mamee-Double Decker was delisted from Bursa Malaysia on 9 January 2012.Mamee markets more than 50 products, within 11 different brand categories:Corntoz is a corn based snack from Mamee-Double Decker.Double Decker is a snack brand from Mamee-Double Decker.Nutrigen is a cultured milk from Mamee-Double Decker.Mamee Instant Noodle is a Malaysian ramen noodle brand from Mamee-Double Decker.Mister Potato is a potato chip brand by Mamee-Double Decker.Mamee Monster is a brand of ramen noodles that are intended to be eaten raw. The Monster Noodle Snack, one of the company's original brands is not only popular among the children in its place of production, but also many other Asian countries like neighbouring Singapore and is very popular in Australia. In Cantonese-speaking communities, the snack is officially called "Mummy Noodles (媽咪麵)" because Mamee sounds like mummy in Cantonese.Mamee Oriental Noodles is a ramen noodle brand. Current flavours include chicken, vegetable, prawn, curry, beef, and mushroom.Perfecto , a range of Potato Chips and Popcorn, marketed as having all natural ingredients garnishing's, available in 3 flavours.Lite -Yo, a healthy dairy yoghurt brand.

Mamee Chef , launched in 2012, is an internationally recognised and award-winning flavoured instant noodles.Mamee Cool Tea is a beverage brand from Mamee-Double Decker.


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