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Analysis of the Story of Araby

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Theme of the story is that the narrator’s world of imaginary childish love based on the crush he had on his friend’s sister is different from what exists in the real world as evident when he overheard the discussion between the stall woman and the two guys. The event woke him up to a world of reality that love is not defined as he thought in his world of fantasy.

There is ambiguity in the story which adds to its complexity as it is not stated explicitly in the story that there is an amorous relationship between the stall lady and the two gentlemen for the narrator to have concluded and see himself as being driven by vanity as he has been made to see love.

The story supports my political and moral position because homosexual relationship is constitutionally acceptable and human being have right to express their emotional feelings.

The preceding paragraphs of the story supports and intensify understanding of history as all the events that took place in the story for example the slow pace at which the train moved, the description of the neighborhood etc. Everything are happenings that are possible at that period of time but the happening and discussion between the stall lady and two gentlemen contradicts history as homosexual relationships are hardly heard of at that period.

The story reminds me of the crush I had on a girl in my class back then in my high school days. There was a young cute girl with long hair in my class back then. Any time her dad’s driver came to pick her up after school, I always stayed back at the school gate and watched as she ran to the car with her long hair flying in the air. I really wished I could express my feelings to her. My mind was always filled with thought of her anywhere I go and anytime I saw her walk past me, my heart beats faster but I couldn’t summon up courage to express my undying love for her. One weekend, my best friend invited me over to their house to have dinner with their family and told me he would want me to meet someone special to him. You can imagine my shock and disappointment when I got to my friend’s house and he introduced this special person to me who happened to be Susan; the girl I secretly admired in my class. She casually said hi to me and moved on to join her other friends that were around.


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