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The Six Dimensions of Geert Hofstede's Model

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The six dimensions of Geert Hofstede's model are:

    Individualism. Individualism is the measure in which people feel independent, rather than being interdependent as members of a larger whole.

    Power distance. It is the extent to which the less powerful members of organizations and institutions, such as the family, accept and expect power to be distributed unevenly.

    Masculinity / Femininity Masculinity is the extent to which the use of force is socially endorsed.

    The evasion of uncertainty. It is related to the tolerance of society to uncertainty and ambiguity.

    Long-term orientation In a long-term oriented culture, the basic notion about the world is that it is constantly changing, and it is always necessary to prepare for the future. In a culture oriented to a short time, the world is essentially as it was created, so that the past provides a moral compass and adhering to it is morally good.

    In an indulgent culture, it is good to be free. Doing what your impulses want you to do is good. Friends are important and life makes sense. In a restricted culture, the feeling is that life is hard, and duty, not freedom, is the normal state of being.

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The model is designed to analyze nations and so does Geert Hofstede. The model of six dimensions is diagrammed in six world maps that give an account, in a very simple way, where each country is located.

 Mexico has the following results:

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    Individualism. Mexico is half board. With a metaphor of physics, people in an individualistic society are more like atoms that fly in a gas while those in collectivist societies are more like atoms fixed in a crystal. Just as we are the countries of North Africa, Russia, Spain and France.

    Power distance. In Mexico we are in the highest levels of the table. That is, we expect power to be unevenly distributed. Other countries that are at the same level are Russia, the United Arab Emirates, Peru, Venezuela and Colombia.

    Masculinity / Femininity Once again, in this dimension, Mexico qualifies at the highest level of the table. That is, in a male society, men are supposed to be hard. Men are supposed to be from Mars, women from Venus. Winning is important for both genders. The amount is important and the big is beautiful. In a female society, genders are emotionally closer. Competing is not so openly supported, and there is sympathy for the underdog. We are at the same level as countries like Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, China and Russia.

    Long-term orientation Mexico has a half table rating. We like to enjoy the presentation and we are thinking more and more about our future. We resemble countries like Brazil, Venezuela and the Middle East.

    Indulgence. Mexico qualifies in the highest rank. For us, life in community is very important: family, friends have a remarkable relevance.

The six-dimensional model has great validity and can be put into practice easily. Predicts the real world phenomena at the level of the nation or region, in some cases and we can also apply it to our own organization and to our person. We can dive into ourselves and see ourselves inside. It will be amazing to see what we can discover in there.


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