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Redgate Company Case Study

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the motivation is absent, the desire and ambition also are absent, even though desire and ambition are powered the motivation. There is the direction and initiative, energy, the persistence and courage to follow and achieve the goal. There are many benefits that receives as Redgate employees such as free weekly lunch, annual profit share bonus, life insurance, 20 days’ vacation and others. Every year, there are company day out which is organised by the firm.

The issue of motivation is applied in Redgate Software. As they said, “Motivation is not about sticks and carrots” which is one of the core principle of Redgate Software. The great and fulfilling work is incompatible the threat of punishment and the constant oversight. They believe that the appropriate constraints has been create and the freedom which is given to excel. These is intrinsic motivations which is freedom to act.

The company believes people to put in the hours when it comes to flexible working. If the employees elaborate a lie-in, the employees are not compulsory to justify for coming in at 11am in the morning. Thus, the employees are happy and enjoy the balance between their home lives and works and they will perform well in their works and do not feel much pressure at the workplaces. It has applied to the theory of freedom to act.

They will receive a bunch of flowers when the female employees have given birth to a child. Therefore, the company’s private healthcare scheme has automatically enrolled by their child. To help the mothers return to work, a maternity buddy has offered to the mothers in order to reduce the pressure and stress and maintain the work life balance. The theory of extrinsic rewards has been applied in the motivation.

The amount of service are needed to earn a six week paid sabbatical when an employee has work at there for at least five years. For example, the hours of an employee named Sarah Grady who is a Paralympian who plays the wheelchair basketball in Team GB been cut by the firm. A three months career break has been given to her. It applied to the tangible reward in the extrinsic motivation.

In order to help the company employees to ‘feel good” and mix with each employee socially, the CEOs of Redgate Software have set up Feel Good Funds. To encourage continuous receiving and giving of feedback, a monthly one-to-one has been used by the Redgate. It applied to personal growth which is extrinsic reward in the Herzberg’s two factor theory.

1.2 Organisational Culture

Organisational Culture defined as members held a system of shared meaning which is distinguished the company from other company. It also a system of communal beliefs, value and assumptions and it manages how the employee perform in the company.

2.0 Conclusion

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