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Advance Marketing Research

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The results indicate that 51.5 percent of the variation in the dependent variable is explained by the by the set of these independent variable. The factors related to information about FMCG product online, incentives like e-coupons and viral videos of FMCG products are significant considering 90% confidence. Most significant being the viral videos of the FMCG product online .

Chapter 6 Implications of the results and Recommendations


The result of the analysis of the survey done through multiple regression and T test is that online marketing channels do have impact on brand visibility and sales. The value of mean greater than 4 for the question: is there any influence of online ads suggests that influence is there on the respondents and also the T test performed to see if the respondent spend enough time online suggest that they online ads are visible to them which increases the brand visibility.

From the analysis we come to know that the factors which influence the effect of the online ads are the viral videos of the FMCG products, e coupons, and the information about the product . out of which viral videos of the FMCG products have the greater contribution.


Recommendation which we want to put forward by the research done on the impact of online marketing channel on the brand visibility and sales of FMCG is that it is wise to invest on online marketing channels where most of the young and educated people spend most of their time. Display of ads on the pages mostly visited by the people online will definitely increase the brand visibility but for the sale of the product it is going to be tough as FMCG products are short selling products which don’t require much of the customer time in information gathering and in purchasing. But online ads which are in front of customer mostly will definitely increase the brand visibility and as the saying goes ”what sees more sells more” will be applicable here.

But to increase the probability for purchase of the product marketers need to invest on making viral videos, provide more e coupons and make the detailed information about the product online as these things affect the influence on the customers. Investment on these will increase the sales and also, the visibility about the brand

Chapter 7 Limitations and Caveats

There are limitations are encountered in this study must be recognised. Following are the limitations:

- Time constraints limited the research to 101 respondents .

- This study was carried out with closed ended questions based on a questionnaire. It limits the respondents with no other options to select their preferable and honest feedback. This scenario might indirectly cause an effect on the integrity of the collected data.

- Respondents are sample part of the huge population the results are just inferential not actual results.

- All respondents might not have given answers honestly and might have filled answers abruptly.

- Sample profile consisted of respondents studying in B schools so their may be different from others in the same age groups.

- The behaviour of customers change time to time so the results might not be applicable some time later.


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