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Carmex: Leveraging Facebook for Marketing Research

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Fixed-alternative poll vs. Open-ended question

An advantage of using a Fixed-alternative poll question is that it does not require the consumer to type in an answer. Consumers are likely to respond to the questions because it takes the least amount of effort while providing Carmex with a clear picture of favorable choices. The best time to use the Fixed-Alternative poll question is when Carmex has a specific question. Carmex would obtain quick and efficient information from the consumer in real time.

On the other hand, the open-ended questions allow a depth in the feedback from the customers who would like to express their opinion. It would be better to use open-ended question when inquiring for specifics about a product or for detail explanations regarding their opinions. An open-ended question could be easily posted on the Facebook Wall however consumers are less likely to respond if they have to type in a response with their account.

Budget for Two Weeks/Months

If we had a limited budget and two weeks to decide which two flavors to put into quantitative testing, we would definitely use the poll only question strategy. The poll question is easy to fill out and less costly than giving away prizes and coupons. As consumers reply to the poll question, the results are measured in real time and Carmex can easily have over 500 responses within a business day. People are able to respond to the poll question without needing to ‘like’ Carmex or be interrupted from what they were doing.

If we were in a situation where we had a sizable budget and two months to make the same decision, we would choose to conduct our research using both poll and contest options. Through the contest, we would increase awareness and “likes” of our brand page and through the poll, we would increase the “engagement” number. We have enough time to set up the rules for the contest, the budget, and the prizes for the winner. The contests and prizes would encourage the consumer’s interest in our company and potentially bring in new customers. The responses tend to be more accurate, honest and realistic. The information gathered can be used to develop the new product.


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