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Market Research Pizza and Topping

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parent brand.

Summarize the Pros and Cons as of the market research for the the two products:


Market Research Methods




Focus Group

1. Research is conducted for each New product development step to refine the products and reduce the risks of market entry.

2.Concept tests and factor analysis successfully defined the market interests and how to position the product as a brand new category.

3. The BASES I assessed the financial risks clearly to help the management to make decisions.

1.Time consuming as the process is long.

2. Cost is high as many different researches are involved

3. The Sample Size for the BASE is too small to the house hold population to ensure the accuracy.

4. Without taste testing, there is risk that the product may different from customer expectation, as some attributes may not be covered in surveys.

Concept test




Concept Test

1.The BASESII involved in home taste testing, which is critical for food product to know actual customer experience to evaluate market potential.

2.Concept test is critical in assessing market interests and refine products

1.NRFC would find more attractive concept by conducting factor analysis to better position the products.

2. Sample Size is too small to ensure quality


Opportunity comparison for Pizza and Pasta:

I think Pizza has better business opportunity.

-The first year of Pasta launch in 1988, the sales volume is 75million while in the calculation for Pizza, if the Pasta penetration is 24%, the first year sales volume is as high as around 86 million.

-Pasta already have early move advantage, so with more competitor coming in, the penetration may be even higher to stimulate the more Pizza sales. Furthermore, Pizza would gain first advantages as well as in this sub-product line.


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