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Busn311 – Quantitative Methods and Analysis

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to lead our nation. It’s not because she is a woman because I have no problem being led by a woman but there are a lot of things that we as Americans has to realize for a person to lead our nation. This is just my personal opinion and she would probably get a lot of votes from minority voters because she is a democrat and black Americans are familiar with her.

Same sex marriage is something that is changing the world as I stated above from the survey. It is become more common and I don’t think this will change in the future. This is something we will have to live with and now with the don’t ask don’t tell law, we may one day have a gay or lesbian leading our nation and I will not say that he or she can’t lead the nation. The survey in my opinion was a very accurate survey.

Part 2: Application

The survey I will be doing is a survey on education. The link to my survey is This survey will consist of three questions and they are:

(1) What is the highest level of school you have completed or the highest degree you have received?

• Less than high school degree

• High school degree or equivalent (e.g., GED)

• Some college but no degree

• Associates degree

• Bachelors degree

• Graduate degree

(2) Do you have a college fund set up for your children?

• Yes

• No

(3) Do you think it is important for your children to attend college?

• Yes

• No

• Undecided

The survey was completed by posting the link to the survey on Facebook and also emailing friends on my email list. There were 33 individuals who had participated in the survey when I decided to complete the project and if I would have waited longer I am sure there would have been more to participate and they may have been more after I decided to finish my project. The individuals that participated in my survey all have very different titles ranging from correctional officers to school teachers. My friends did a great job in helping me complete this project by even sharing the post on Facebook in order for their friends to take part in the survey.

Application: Results - Chart 1

The first graph asked the individuals about their own education which really surprised me because of the 33 individuals there was only one person who hadn’t attending any school after high school, while 16 or about 48% actually have attended some college but haven’t finished or obtained a degree. There were 7 individuals including myself which I have 2 Associates Degrees who has an Associate’s Degree. Three individuals have a Bachelor Degree and 6 have Graduates Degrees.

Application: Results - Chart 2

The second graph asked the individuals how many of them have college fund set up for their children. I was really surprised by those results also because of the nature of most of their jobs that only 8 actually have college funds set up for their children. There was an astounding 75% which didn’t have college funds set up and sad to say I was one of them. Thankfully I do have 4 boys all in college and one working with some college.

Application: Results - Chart 3

The third graph wasn’t really surprising that everyone thought that a college education is what every child needs now. This chart was 100% yes and we all know that now a college education will take you a lot farther than not having an education these days.

Application: Surveys and Business

The results of this survey can be used by the media, high schools, businesses, and colleges to concur students to continue their education after high school. Education is one of the most important things a person can have because once you have it no one can take it away from you. Even if you join the military you can continue your education and they will even pay for it. Without education these days you may be stuck at a dead-end job without any chance for advancement and we all want to advice on our jobs. I was really proud to see so many individuals who have started college with my survey but would love to see all of the individuals who have started tough it out and go back and finish. I love the fact that everyone thinks that it is important for their children to further their education. I think this survey was really good and actually showed me a few things about my friends which were very good.


In conclusion I think everyone knows how important education is these days and are making great strides in the way our children think. I do wish the more of us would save for our children’s education, including myself. I can say that we all agree that our children are our future and education is the key. My 3 charts are located on my excel page (sheet 1-3).


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