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Swot Analysis - Cathay Pacific

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uniform. For female, they have to wear white brush-wing printed blouse and rose red colour skirt with black low heels. For male, they have to wear White long-sleeved shirt with red jacquard base tie, light olive ottoman fabric vest with shiny olive jacquard back Black trousers. They have to follow the policy strictly in order to represent Cathay Pacific and their uniforms have to clean and tidy or else warning will be given.

Cathay Pacific’s pilots used to complain their overtime working, so the company decided to implement the Work-to-Rule procedure. After their discussions about pay failed, they just required the pilots to perform their assigned duties in strict conformance with their agreements.

Catering Quality Control and Tools used by Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific seriously concerns on the catering quality control. They serve with the well-balanced meals and avoid using the trans-fats foods. Caterers are monitored through the audit programme. Also, they purchase the MSC-approved seafoods, which are more safety and sustainable. Besides that they apply the feedback controls. In every flight, after they provide the catering service, they will randomly pick some of the passengers to fill the survey. In the survey, they will ask for the service of the flight attendants, catering and so on. They collect around 30,000 of these responses per month, in order to understand passengers’ ratings and satisfaction.

Organisation Structures of Cathay Pacific

The Cathay Pacific applies to the functional structure. There are different positions inside the company. The management team is composed of the Chairman, Chief Executive, Director and Chief Operating Officer, Finance Director, Director Sales and Marketing, Director Service Delivery, Director People, Director Cargo, Director Fight Operation, Director Information Technology, Director Corporate Affair and Engineering Director. They promote the specialisation of kill and workers are grouped together under the same head and perform similar work and face the similar problems, so that they can share their expertise and work efficiently.

Delegation of Cathay Pacific

The Chief Executive of Cathay Pacific gives clear guidelines and directions to every department heads, and they can have a chance to make some decisions. But then, under some circumstances, department heads still need to report and obtain prior approval from the Chief Executive before making decision on behalf of the Company.

Organisation Design in Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific truly believes that they can accomplish their mission and objectives. They use organisational effectiveness and have developed a strategy to achieve their high performance and towards a sustainable future.

Their strategy includes 5 areas which safety and corporate governance as the key principle.

- Operating the flight : Continuously improving the flight operation, making more fuel efficient by searching new technologies.

- Managing the infrastructure: Improving the environmental performance and supporting the services in Hong Kong.

- Interacting with the customers: Providing them with a high quality of sustainable products and services.

- Working with the supply chain: Improving the social and environmental impacts of the supply chain.

- Investing in people and communities: supporting the working at the workplace and encouraging them to make a difference in communities across the Cathay Pacific network.

Workforce diversity in Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific is a worldwide airline company. Cathay Pacific employed more than 32,900 people worldwide. Around 25,400 are employed in Hong Kong. They recruit the people from worldwide and also welcome different race of people to apply their jobs. In the management team, the department heads are mostly from western countries, Hong Kong and China. They employ the workers depends on their work experiences and performance instead of their race, gender and so on.

Application Process of flight attendants in Cathay Pacific

Applicants have to fill in the form from the official website. They will be informed within eight weeks, otherwise it is considered as unsuccessful application. They will have the interview, they will be asked both behavioural and biographical questions. They are required to speak fluently in English plus one of the other languages. Also, if they are invited to a second stage interview, they will be measured their arm reach, the minimum arm reach is 208 cm, and they have to meet the medical standards. If they can meet all the requirements, then they will be given a 3 years contract and become the trainees of Cathay Pacific.

Training for Pilots and Flight Attendants in Cathay Pacific

They have to take 55 weeks Cadet Pilot Programme, the training includes 160 hours of day and night flying in different aircraft and 40 hours of simulator training. Also they have to take the practical exam regularly in order to become a pilot. For flight attendants, they will have different workshops to attend, they will act as a passenger to experience being served by trainees. Also, they will visit the training centre to learn about the food, beverage and the service equipment on board. When they start training, they have to take 7 weeks Induction Training on Safety and Inflight Service. Also, they have to join different programs like make-up classes, interpersonal learning skill classes, languages classes and so on. Before they are allowed to fly on their own, they need to pass the practical exam as well.

Leadership style of Cathay Pacific

Ivan Chu is the CEO of Cathay Pacific. He applies the democratic leadership style. Staff can express their views, feedback from different channels, such as send email, direct communication with their line managers. When the staff feel dissatisfied with the pay in 2012, and they reported to the line managers and send email to Ivan Chu, he realised the situation, and increased their salary by 5% depends on the profit at that time.

Motivation techniques of Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific


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