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Marketing Project - Autonomous Bladeless Lawn Mower

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Where can you find a majority of your target market?

Most our target market would be those found with a substantial amount of lawn. Those living in communities, the suburbs, in the country or anywhere they have at least a half-acre of lawn to mow.

Based on your offering and your target market, explain which of the 4P’s would be the most important.

I believe the product would be the most important as it will need to hold up to its expectations. If the product can perform and function the way, it’s designed to then it should be able to sell itself. The bladeless feature, promoting safety, is a huge selling point for this mower.

Explain which form of advertising would be more profitable and why?

An informative commercial would be the best form of advertising as it is the only way to show consumers exactly how it works. This is also the best way to enhance promoting safety with the bladeless feature, showing it in action and not causing an injury. This would be a bit expensive at first but once people see the commercial and can then see the results it will increase our profits from selling.

Explain where your target audience could obtain your product, service, or idea.

The Go Mow will be available exclusively through Sunshine Landscaping and Lawn Care. Customers will be able to place orders in person, by phone or on the company’s website.

Describe four types of advertisement that you know of.

Online advertising involves using the internet as a medium to gain consumer’s attention to their product or service. Using online ads such as: banners, pop-ups, pay-per-click, etc. These ads are placed around multiple areas including: search engines, websites, online newspapers, social media sites, mobile applications and so on.

Print media refers to paper publications circulated in the form of physical editions of books, magazines, journals, newsletters, posters, brochures/flyers and direct mail. Using print media companies have the advantage to compare costs through multiple designing companies and create unique advertisements.

Broadcast advertising is marketing shared via radio and television. This advertisement is done through commercials, catching consumer’s attention while watching television and listening to the radio.

Product placement is when manufacturers of goods or providers of a service gain exposure for their products by paying for them to be featured in movies and television programs. Such as everyone driving Dodge or Chevrolet vehicles or drinking only Coca-Cola or Pepsi. It can also be as subtle as Nest promoting their thermostats on the wall in a house of a movie or television show.

Use data to justify which form of advertisement has proven to be the most effective.

Per Statista (2016) in 2014 during a survey, 48 percent of respondents named search-optimized website marketing one of their top five ways to brand and generate demand in their market. Digital marketing stands to be the most effective form of advertising with search engines and social media leading the way.

State four types of product, service, or idea that would benefit best from social media marketing.

Events, mobile applications, online shopping and employment opportunities would benefit greatly from social media marketing. The events and employment opportunities can be used to advertise to those locally while mobile applications and online shopping sites can advertise to everyone.

Explain which two, out of the four that you described above, you would use to inform your target audience. (Money is not an option, spare no expense on advertising.)

Print media and broadcast advertising would be the best forms to use to inform my target audience locally. Print media has the advantage of consumers leaving the material out in the open on a table to be viewed later. “The reader also has the opportunity to study the ad at his leisure and isn't limited to 30 or 60 seconds.” (Joseph, 2016) With this you the ability to provide trackable links and QR codes, a print ad can be tailored to drive measurable traffic to your website.

Per Sorenson Media (2015), a recent study conducted by Pew Research Center reveals that local broadcast TV is still the leading source for local news consumption. Using the television and radio to promote the product we can control the advertisement to local stations and reach our target market.



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