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Question #4

A. Provide a detailed list of recommendations concerning how Jennifer should go about increasing the number of acceptable job applicants, so that her company need no longer hire just about anyone who walks in the door. Specifically, your recommendation should include:

i. Completely worded classified ads

ii. Recommendations concerning any other recruiting strategies you would suggest they use.

Jennifer should take her job postings to social media because in this way she will reach a lot more of this generation’s youth. If today’s youth isn’t looking forward to working in a laundromat, they are still exposed to the advertisement and can tell their aunts, uncles, mothers, fathers, or relatives that may be struggling to find a job. In todays economy, there is always someone wanting a job, and wont make an issue out of working in a building with no air conditioning.

For example, in the classified ads or social media:

Looking for an enthusiastic worker with the ability to work quickly and effectively. Hiring laundromats assistants who can wash, dry, fold and dry clean clothing. Training is offered and management positions needed.

The social media ads can also serve as image advertising, giving the image that the company is a great one to work for. Jennifer should have her laundromats offer flexible hours for students and adults.

B. What practical suggestions could you make that might help reduce turnover and make the stores a more attractive place in which to work, thereby reduce recruiting problems?

Creating a more enjoyable workplace would help the retention rate. Working in hot and uncomfortable conditions is enough to drive anyone with other options out of the company. Offering better benefits such as medical, dental, vision, etc. These are expensive options. The best option might be to offer a higher starting wage. Potential employees would rather work for 11 dollars an hour at a laundromat than work for 8.50 at a mcdonalds. Offering better starting pay will draw in the applicants and keep them to stay with the hope to get management and earn a couple bucks more an hour.

Question #5

- How can Growing Minds attract the best applicants for jobs at its new retail outlets? On what groups, if any, should the company’s recruiting efforts focus? How should the recruiting be done?

First off, The job description should be easy to understand and direct. Too many convoluted job descriptions turn away potential applicants too early in the process. The interview process should follow a mainly situational questionnaire type, to get the best idea of how an employee will be in stressful or tough situations with children. Recruiting should focus on students studying to be psychologists, teachers, etc. Targeting university students will capture this market perfectly and offer university student part time jobs and great experiences to put on their resumes.

B. How should Growing Minds select the best candidates? What type of characteristics and measures should be used? Why?

First a job analysis can be done in order to define exactly what is expected of the employees. At that point they can make clear job descriptions so that the perfect applicant can read the description and see themselves working with the company. They should be looking for patient, creative, out-going applicants. Using situational interview questions the hiring manager can get a good idea of how well suited the applicant is for the position. The company can focus on searching for competent, capable, compatible, and commitment in applicants. It would be a much wiser decision to hire a student that is looking to grow within the company rather than one that is just working for the experience and resume builder.

- How might Growing Minds address its retention problem?

With better management and supervision, the more feedback can be given and feed an employee’s desire to improve and move forward. When an employee feels valued, no matter the pay, it will help to keep them wanting to stay working where they feel appreciated. I experience this personally at my own job, I have a bachelors in Neuroscience and I am working as a banker and though the pay is less than what I expected fresh out of college, I feel valued and appreciated and so here I still am. With better supervision, the employee can understand better what their possibilities are and just how rewarding working for the company can be. Another way to improve retention would be to allow for the employees to give their ideas on how to improve certain procedures, projects, etc. Better management would help in this area too. When an employee feels stimulated and regularly and actively contributing to the company’s grand movement, they will feel obliged to stay and see out their ideas, if not implement them their selves.

- How might Growing Minds socialize its employees so that they are attuned to the firm’s culture and plans for the future?

The best way I believe to foster the right social/work environment for employees through way of a well executed onboarding orientation where new employees, current employees, and management socialize and form groups to play friendly strategic games that help the new employees get accustomed to their coworkers and get them used to the job they will be working.

A NEO, or new employee orientation, would help the new employees understand who they will work with and what they will be doing in the workplace, it mixes the needed informative orientation/training with an equally needed social event that helps the team building and groupthinking of the individuals.


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