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Marketing Report - Aaram.Pk

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Income is an important factor which plays a key role in buying of any product or service. We have priced our service according to the class of people earning various incomes.

Competitive Analysis:

This is conducted to assess our competitor’s strengths and weaknesses in our market place and implement strategies to improve our competitive advantage.

- Sukoon & its services: is our direct competitor in the same geographic market of Karachi, having the same services. Sukoon is in business since 2014. The services they provide to the target market are likely same with our services. They provide the services of plumber, carpenter, painter, electrician, and flooring and grocery delivery. They also have some discount memberships for customers.

- Objective:

Sukoon’s objective is to become Market Leader with the introduction of technologically improved service into the market and to maintain the market share.

- Strategy:

The strategies Sukoon has employed is improving service with new innovation, and offering reasonable charges.

- Strengths & Weaknesses:

Their strengths are as follows:

- Also provides grocery delivery services.

- People are more aware about their company and services.

- Offer reasonable charges.

Their weaknesses are as follows:

- Cater only posh areas.

- Target segments are only few in only one city i.e., Karachi.

- No market share in Lahore.

- Competitive Advantage:

As part of research, we concluded that yet Sukoon is not expanding their business to other market segments. In spite of this, as we are catering not only posh areas of Karachi but also less developed areas of Karachi such as Quaidabad, Malir, Lyari, and Shah Faisal, so this is our competitive advantage. The distinctiveness of our service is that we are also catering the needs of Lahore customers. The uniqueness of our service is that we provide our professionals to our target costumers just in within 30 minutes since he clicks or calls.

During our research, the questionnaires resulted that only 30% people of the segment they targeted are satisfied with their service. And the lacks of their service are late timings, poor maintenance, less handling, poor delivery service. Whereas, this is our strength that we are always on time, well handling, good maintenance and best repairing services.

However, Sukoon’s brand image is reputed in minds of Karachi customers because of good customer relationships. And their prices set are also reasonable like ours. They charge Rs.100/= on each visit, and rest is charged according to the problem diagnosed as we do.

- Future Forecasting:

Araam being Sukoon’s competitor predicts that in future a larger market share will be ours. We are already catering a larger market with full effort and tremendous growth strategy, which will in future lead us to become the market leader as well as long term profit maximization target, will also be achieved.

- Opportunities & Threats:

Their Threats are as follows:

- Future/Potential competition from an already established market participant (Aaram).

- Unlawful situation in mega city of Karachi can also produce a negative effect.

- Economic crisis can also effect the company adversely, by reducing the people’s spending.

Their Opportunities are as follows:

- An option is available to enter new market of Lahore where Sukoon can compete with Aaram.

- An opportunity exists to increase the market share by venturing with the small household traditional service providers.

Critical Issues:

Every business faces many critical issues every day. A strong and smooth business is one that overcomes such issues and flourishes day by day. is also one of those businesses which overcome such critical issues and make them their strength rather than a weakness. Following are the critical issues being faced by

- Unlawful City Situation:

Karachi is currently facing law and order issues at a higher scale which has effected many markets and businesses overall. is also a victim of such critical situation of the city. The numerous shut down strikes every other day has resulted in a loss for us. We could not perform our business activities in such days and have closed our services. There is still such threatening area in Karachi where our professionals could not reach such as Layari and Katti Pahari due which we fail to provide our services in those areas.

- Fault In Submarine Cables:

Pakistan faces many faults in the Submarine fiber optic cable system due to which the internet speed and connection faces critical issues. This also causes a hurdle in our services as our business is internet based. Without proper internet connection, our services could be rendered and our businesses face a loss.

- Traditional Style Of Rendering Services:-

Since 1947, people in Pakistan are addicted of rendering household services through traditional means. These traditional means includes a uneducated poor labor worker who is not a trained personnel and has learned the skills from his forefathers. People believe they are more skilled and professional in compared to the new trends. Hence, we face difficulty in placing our style of rendering online services through educated professionals in the mind of the consumer.

- Competitors Development:

Our most strong competitor is which is mainly focusing on its development and attracting more customers. There is a strong competition between us and Sukoon is innovating and developing its business with great pace. Hence, this proves to be a critical


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