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Nokia Innovation

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Price VS Quality

Nokia has relatively higher prices when compared to Samsung, OPPO and other Chinese brands. They believe their brand equity gives them the leverage as they believe to be reliable, durable and best in quality when compared to other brands. They manufacture phone of new models with the price range of $100 - $700.

Nokia handsets are not as simple as other phones, they test their phones through set of 200 tests in which they perform multiple activities to the handset including throwing them at a certain speed to check if the hardware is completely intact and doesn’t break to ensure quality and performance check.

Nokia USP

Google and Nokia – Vanilla version i.e. Pure Android as Google provides it, they have achieved differentiation by not incorporating the layered file as all other companies do to their UI. All other brands such as Samsung, OPPO, HTC etc. brands alter the Android OP and put so much layers to make it different in terms of look and feel but Nokia does not do so and believe that this is their point of differentiation as all other brands are doing it but Nokia is not as it has its own advantages and dis-advantages. The point of not altering while all other brands are altering the software becomes the USP itself for Nokia’s phones.

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Advantages for altering the operating software includes – Customized look and feel, differentiation, every brand having different UI (User interface), also the brands push their set of services through these up gradation, like Samsung uses S-pay, while android has Android Pay.

Dis-advantages include – the Operating system becomes heavy, processing becomes slow, more codes are installed into the OS, more space is needed for the excess information, extra layers of graphics and UI, it becomes either impossible or it takes huge time whenever there is an update regarding the Android, Nokia is the 1st one to share the update with consumers directly while all other brands have to first work on their layered files and then they can release the updates, and these updates are subject to every month’s timeline

No Extra coding, extra layers, great speed, whenever new version is released Nokia gets the updated version right away, Google release the monthly updates, they fix bugs right away because of pure android which provide pure, secure and latest Android, by durable Nokia. However in other phones they are not fixed timely.

Nokia – the best Value Offer

Offer is product, prices, after sales value, etc. customer makes a decision on based on his assessment of which phone is giving best value, Nokia has been involved in creating its brand value also to work around prices and performance set to make consumers feel they are getting a price quality match. It is very important especially in Pakistan, to have a great control over the pricing strategy as the competition is very high and the increase in number of different low cost companies have become a distortion in the business but with the distinctive communication and product offerings, Nokia will overcome all these barriers and pitch their brand accordingly and aim to regain their market positioning as before the best.

Nokia – from a Customer’s Point of View

Customer assess the brand – the brand should be in the considering set of the consumers and if the brand is not even in that set the consumer will not get in the purchase brand for example: Q-Mobile is not in someone’s set of consideration, they will not buy it.

The drive from awareness to consideration is the main theme behind Nokia’s marketing strategy today, also in Pakistan they have been spending huge amounts on their marketing as the competition is very fierce, we can see huge banners of Nokia’s phones all over the cities and all channels of marketing are being used to communicate the essence of Nokia in Pakistan, they have now been officially launching phones in Pakistan, and the after sales service which customers shall get from the Nokia’s USP is the best point and will do wonders for Nokia in Pakistan as well

Nokia’s Consumer’s criteria – they use the brand name as a source of confidence, the price, value for money, after sales product support, warranty timeline, what’s covered, resale value, companies are built by the brand itself, these are the pointers which Nokia think are the selling forces and which consumers take into consideration before any purchase is mature

From Microsoft to Nokia

Nokia was trusted and market leader globally as well in Pakistan, but last few years it has declined for multiple reasons, not being on android is a major reason. But now Nokia has come back in smartphones with android OP which is better in terms of all aspects and aim to regain the market share and name which they always had.

Innovation is being used in its offerings, innovation is across value chain, of material, processes, product design, go to market strategy, in communication and marketing, it’s just not related to hardware and services it is the way taken to the market, services in context of the software part of the handset. Product is the hardware, manufacturing process innovation is the hardware, software innovation and development, it becomes a product as a whole, companies are successful which innovate from every single step of value chain, from drawing board to design, to material, to manufacturing, to logistics, mark, communication, after sales and product support. Nokia believes to be innovative and learn from the past.

For Nokia, Innovation is at every process level step by step and breakthrough as well

Nokia believes in the combination of both – step by step innovation and breakthrough as well, if company is new in business, It should come up with a radical device, just like apple – it was a phone, PDA (personal digital assistant), iPod, it was making 3 products obsolete, a bar phone, apple radical product, they were getting into the business now it’s an incremental innovation but as the competition is tough you have to bring in with breakthrough innovation, consumer will accept the incremental innovation or a radical breakthrough is needed?

Innovation at Nokia

innovation is in the process, they are not bringing something extra in phones, like their phones are not invisible, flexible, in term of hardware the phones don’t have any breakthrough innovation but in terms of process yes, a HND


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