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The Film "god's Not Dead"

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The film "God's Not Dead" premiered March 21, 2014 in the USA. Direction: Harold Cronk. Production: Michael Scott, Russell Wolfe and Anna Zielinski Written by: Cary Solomon and Chuck Konzelman Main Cast: Kevin Sorbo, Shane Harper and David A. R. White. Based on "God's Not Dead: Evidence For God In An Age Of Uncertainty," by Rice Broocks.

The film addresses the issue of religion and its conflict with an atheistic worldview. Broadly, the film focuses on a religious's perspective and how he views his belief with pride.

The plot also unfolds with the secondary cast, which addresses the experience of young people in the academic environment and social life that occurs parallel to the main plot. There is a constant presence of references to Christianity and to religious faith in this secondary context. Moral and behavioral issues are also addressed, including briefly showing the Muslim perspective in contrast to Western customs, family issues in situations involving diseases such as cancer and dementia in the elderly, among other relevant subjects.

Josh Wheaton (Shane Harper) is a student who is entering college. At the beginning of the movie, the time of your registration is shown. When submitting your pre-registration document, you are asked about your intention to become a student of the elective discipline of Philosophy. The fame of Professor Jeffrey Radisson (Kevin Sorbo) is raised by the attendant, who suggests to Josh that he change of idea to see that he carries a small crucifix in its cord. Insistent, and even without understanding the reason, Josh does not give up and signs up. Ironically, the boy reinforces the lockout date and tells Josh that he "will need it."

Overall, the film conveys an uncompromising image of Professor Radisson's Introduction to Philosophical Thought discipline. A committed atheist, who passes a certain impression of pride in showing his atheistic outlook. After a brief explanation of the etymology of the terms "atheism" and "agnosticism" and also how science and reason have surpassed religious belief, a task is given to the class to write the phrase "God Is Dead" on a sheet together With the signature.

Josh feels very uncomfortable when realizing that he can not do what the teacher says, as opposed to the almost unanimity of the class. When he feels he has been challenged, Radisson gives Josh the duty to give 20-minute sessions each for the next three classes, showing what arguments he will use to sustain that God did not die. Given the task, the teacher dismisses the class with reading recommendations for the next class, or rather, Josh's lecture.

In Josh's personal perspective, there is a strong internal conflict, which even makes his girlfriend Kara (Cassidy Gifford) criticize him. He does not admit that his faith is


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