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Me Before You - British Romantic Drama Film Directed by Thea Sharrock

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Me before you



Me before you is a British romantic drama film directed by Thea Sharrock, based on the novel I before you by the British writer Jojo Moyes.

The film locates its argument within the art of the impossible loves, those that move away against the will of the lovers. Even so, the love story knows how to slip, it just flows and, in this way, surpasses the ashy scheme of the poor girl who falls in love and, at the same time, enamored the wealthy gallant.

To this prince, besides being born in a cradle of gold, destiny makes him his toy, he has suffered a tremendous accident that has annulled the marrow and has condemned him to be a handsome wheelchair: quadriplegic.

As a good melodrama, rather we could talk about that this film has a little psychological elaboration of the characters.

To avoid the useless martyrology, I before t i is film that is nicely propped up with humor that caressing humor that is capable of giving optimism to the same adversity, which is able to find light in the dark of the alley.

That narrative decision is flawlessly displayed. There is no doubt that the scriptwriter and the director of the film have known not only to congenial wills, but to put them to the service of obtaining a good melodrama, to which we must judge with all the humanism of the case.

It is cinema of feelings narrated in a human and endearing way, to which the charismatic performance of Emilia Clarke contributes, without letting herself be betrayed by schemes of other romantic stories, those that sin for sweethearts.

I like this movie because it leaves you a good message, it also makes values what you have.

Enjoy seeing it on the big screen after reading the book and just as it made me laugh and cry, it's a melodrama worth seeing, I could not hate anything about this movie.


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