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Comparison of Gutierrez’s Twittering Machine with Tymoczko’s Twittering Machine

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narrow range of steps; and then the pitch of flute suddenly became very low, and more adhesive with to the pitch of the piano’s melody, the tempo also became faster; together with the effect of heavy notes of the piano, they transfer the lively mood into a intense and sneaky one. In Tymoczko’s piece, the dynamic also becomes more intense as the music advances to the middle.

Both pieces have polyphonic texture. The melodies in Tymoczko’s piece was woven more smoothly in-between each string instruments, especially in the middle of the song when the instruments play the same melody with different pitches to form an echoing harmony. Whereas in Gutierrez’s piece demonstrate more contrast between the two melodies which do not often go together.

Birds are live creature. Their movements and life force are suppose to be incontrollable and without any regular pattern. Thus we often see birds flapping their wings and singing whenever they want instead of staying in a cage and chirps only on certain times like a pendulum. Birds like to fiddle, and I think that’s what all the sudden changes are about. Beside the changes, the pulses are also lively portrays of how the birds are like, because they do not move all the time and have to stop for some instances, which are irregular. By doing so, I think Gutierrez had successfully depicted the drama of birds and twittering machine through her piece of music. In her piece, you can hear the flapping wings struggling to get off the shackle all the time. Thus I think, Gutierrez’s piece is a better representation of the twittering machine.


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