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The Company's Marketing Strategy

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Regardless of the job function you have in a company, you will influence your company's marketing and the customer's experienced value. Marketing goes far beyond the tasks and activities that the marketing department traditionally works with. The customer's experience of a product’s or service value is affected not only by advertising, promotions, and publicity – but also by other customers' experience of the product, the service in the store where the product is purchased, or in the meeting with the service employee who is sent out to repair an error... So, even if you do not have any direct customer contact, your input to a colleague may be crucial so that he/she can provide good service to the customer.

The project report shall be based on a practical marketing challenge in a company that you and your group choose or are assigned – hear more about this from your teacher. The project report must cover three main areas, as specified below. The project report shall be answered in groups and will be assessed as specified in the course description. Below you will also find a list of formalities that the report must meet.

The project report's subtasks

Part 1: The company's marketing strategy situation (25%)

a) The market situation

Characterise the company's products and services and the market(s) the company operates in. Assess the company's strengths and weaknesses as well as opportunities and threats. At least 2 of the databases reviewed in the course must be used.

b) Analysis of competitors

Examine the company's primary competitors and assess the company's competitiveness. At least 2 of the databases reviewed in the course must be used.

Reflect on the impact that your results in a) and b) and the industry's situation have on the company's marketing strategy situation. Discuss the challenges facing the company.

Justify the use of relevant models and theories from the course syllabus. For the analyses, information obtained from the library's databases shall be used, just as reliable internet sources may be used. The company may only be contacted upon agreement with the teacher.

Part 2: The company's marketing challenge (50%)

a) The marketing challenge

Choose and justify what challenge(s) you want to solve for the selected company. Specify a problem formulation. The point is not for you to solve 'all' the company's marketing challenges. Instead, you should go in-depth with one/a few selected area(s).

Define boundaries and justify the use of relevant theories and models to examine the marketing challenge.

b) Customers' purchasing


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