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Technology Influences

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Technology has influenced in different ways in the human context and caused a drastic change in it, it has overcome some problems that lead to reality and thus show great advances to society in common. Today technology can be applied to everything we do, helping and facilitating our daily lives, developing new capabilities while serving new technologies to provide solutions to companies, organizations or beneficiaries of this. With the invention of various technological devices used daily you can easily restore or build the projects carried out, as this is a means of control that governs most of project properties and helps to realize more quickly, also more reliable, if it is something interpersonal or will wander in a field such as web cozy. Although the technology is not the only factor that determines competitiveness is now widespread the view that among all the things that can change the rules of competition, technological change as the most important figure. The competitive advantages derived from scientific knowledge today become technologies.

Everyone should know how to program, even yesterday My teacher sent me a video about this topic, so I decided to see it. At the first time, I thought that video was going to be bored, but actually, It was entertaining, there was to much famous persons talking about how to program and how it is easy to do. People like me think that program is something really difficult because it has a lot of codes, which can confuses us. Also, persons like Mark Zuckerberg (Created Facebook) explain us how he did for program, he says "You can sit down and just make something completely new from scratch or whatever you want". Nowadays just about everything requires some former programming. Programming is basically to computer we wanted to do for you. When you are programming, you are teaching possibly the stupidest thing in the entire universe, a computer how to do something. It’s really not unlike going to play an instrument or something, or playing a sport. It stars being something really intimidating, but just for a while of time, you will learn it. For example over the next ten years there will be 1.4 million jobs in computer science and only about 400,000 grads qualified for this job.


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