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Knowledge Management System

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It concludes that KMS quality plays a crucial role in sustaining competitive advantage

Advantages of KMS:

• Decision support

• Customer service

• Business Intelligence

• Project Management.

Disadvantages of KMS:

• The drawback begins with language

• Innovate or die

• Creating and delivering new types of knowledge: the knowledge chance

• Inability to deliver the expected performance outcomes

• Usability: Some users aren’t capable enough to use machine-controlled tools to induce required info.

How does KMS change the company culture?

Strengthening or promoting of selected cultural values would favors knowledge management. Formulated in outline on this basis suggestions could function sensible hints in relation to directions of rising organizational culture of enterprise applicable to needs of knowledge management.


The very nature of KMS raises several security problems, associated with operations like in adding, updating, sharing, and providing info and knowledge. additionally, since a KMS might not be thought of as a critical system by the higher management or perhaps the technical personnel, typically due importance might not be to its security. thus a number of km “security champions” could also be required, whose job it’s to educate others concerning the importance and even cost-effectiveness of a “secure” km system.



• Builds talent

• Essential business quality

• combining of tacit and explicit knowledge


• Knowledge is abstract

• knowledge can’t be measured

• difficult to assess


• Quality maximization and value decrease

• Application of unique knowledge to get market advantage


• Creation of defend to protect knowledge information

• improvisation on techniques to share info

• knowledge security


Knowledge management permits firms to share experience and knowledge among executives’ managers and staff. knowledge Management are often used for coordinating explorative formats for supporting immense issues with procedure created in information, knowledge science and various data areas. KMS plays a key role in each organization for the strength and growth of the corporate. it’s been use for a large vary of accessibility of all staff for data strength and work performance. data and information made are aids the process of data management. knowledge Management Officer in each company wherever applicable tends to be the professional that highlights every bit of information management proficiency in the organization


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