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2016 Global Security Needs and Plug-And-Play Perceptions

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Topping the rankings with nearly two thirds (64%) of responses was one of the industry’s more recent trends, remote access, suggesting there is much untapped demand in that area. Fortunately for those with limited budgets, connecting from a distance via smartphone or tablet should now be a standard and high-performance feature, according to IDIS:

“We offer IDIS Mobile as a free app for iOS and android devices, which is compatible with all IDIS NVRs and IP cameras,” says Brian Song, managing director of IDIS Europe. “The app supports both H.264 and H.265, so users are assured of full-HD and even 4K image quality. The app packs an array of powerful features including PTZ control, calendar search, playback, bookmarking and two-way audio. Users can also receive real-time event information to mobile devices of their choice via social media (Twitter), push notifications and email, to ensure they stay remotely informed of any incident with one simple click. Further, our customers using IDIS Fisheye cameras are also taking advantage of super smooth de-warping from their mobile devices.”

Arguably the most interesting result is the gulf between full-HD resolution – in second place with 62% – and the even higher, 4K resolution, ranking bottom with only 12% of responses. Also known as Ultra-HD, 4K surveillance cameras boast four times the resolution of full- HD cameras and most manufacturers only really started launching a full 4K line-up in 2014. For most environments at least, full-HD models would appear to do the job just fine. For the 77% who need to capture fine details, usable images at long distances or both, 4K rose only marginally to 14%.[pic 23]



“[We need] analytics combined with motion- detection sensors that detect intruders combined with lighting and audio warnings that deter intruders will be prominent in my CCTV requirements.”[pic 24][pic 25][pic 26][pic 27]

UK-based head of security in the wholesale/ distribution sector

■ Remote access

■ Full-HD resolution

■ Night-time lighting

■ Incident management/video analytics

■ Large storage capacity/ease of storage

■ Vandal-resistant/robust

■ Optical zoom

■ Plug-and-play installation

■ Smart PTZ controls

■ 360 view

■ Central/cloud storage

■ Latency

■ 4K resolution


The improvements in resolutions since a 2007 Home Office report revealed that 80% of cameras produced images unsuitable for use in a court of law have clearly been invaluable. Beyond Ultra-HD, however, our survey suggests that only a few unusual or high-security environments are likely to upgrade Ultra-HD systems for resolution gains they might see as making little material difference to operational performance.

If high-resolution images are generally seen as very important (up to a point) then this is less the case with the frame-to-frame fluidity of those images, with low latency scoring only 17%.

Intriguingly, the 54% who prioritised video analytics software were no more likely to also choose the large storage capacity (exactly the same at 49%) required for such memory-hungry, data-crunching applications. They were also slightly less likely (17% versus 19%) to count cloud storage among their five most vital functions. Ranking above only 4K and low latency, the wisdom of cloud storage – which bears the “video compression, […] vulnerability and third-party telco issues of an internet connection”, according to UK security consultant Simon Lambert – remains a contentious issue in the industry.

Deemed a priority by 33% of respondents the installation of plug-and- play systems – a comprehensive system requiring no real technical configuration – is an issue we will explore in depth on pages 13-19.

Invited to suggest other surveillance functions necessary for their business respondents also mentioned thermal cameras; perimeter security with auto-tracking cameras; IR (infrared); and storage security and back-up storage (“long overdue,” said one).

Other requirements included:

- “Intelligent, integrated security systems for professional applications with cost-effective analytics, smart monitoring and reporting features”

- “Temperature range [of] -40/+60 degrees C, explosion-proof, water resistant, dust-proof”

- “Integration with other security systems”

- “The industry needs software that can quarry a CCTV database. We need to formulate granular quarries”

- “Megapixel cameras only [with] 270 view, 180 view”

- “No 360-degree cameras in South Africa – only 90 degrees”

- “Features that improve system integrity and security of user data”


“The industry needs software that can quarry a CCTV database. We

need to formulate granular quarries.”[pic 28]

UK-based security professional in the IT/ digital sector


Video analytics tools: ranked according to security needs[pic 29][pic 30][pic 31]

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