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Opinion Article About “the Terrorism”

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Opinion article about “The Terrorism”

Western Europe has become the scene of a wave of attacks linked to the jihadist mobilization that Al Qaeda and the Islamic State (ISIS) have been promoting for more than five years. One indicator of this mobilization is foreign terrorist fighters. One-fifth of the several tens of thousands of individuals who have traveled since 2012 to join Jihadist organizations in Syria and Iraq have left EU countries.

That means that European Muslims are 16 times overrepresented among foreign terrorist fighters in those two countries, comparing their numbers with those of Muslim contingents from other regions of the world. To these must be added thousands more who, without having moved outside the EU, have embraced the ideas of Jihadist Salafism and are willing to act on them, in accordance with the guidelines issued by terrorist propaganda.

The Islamic State is immersed in a strategy of defensive jihad aimed at preserving a caliphate deprived of territory. Al Qaeda, which persists as a decentralized global structure with leadership and strategy, aspires to the hegemony of jihadism. Western Europe is the setting for the appeals of their respective leaders to the commission of attacks in the Western world or other more complex plans.

Attacks that affect that fracture between Muslims and non-Muslims that exists in our open societies and is exploitable by terrorists to attract followers. Although terrorism is particularly affecting the Western European countries most affected by the most recent jihadist mobilization, it is a matter of time that, despite the efforts of the police and intelligence services, similar events will also occur in other nations of the same ambit.


1. 1. Introduction

a. Attention Getter: Terror threat level raised to "critical" after the last terrorist attacks

b. Thesis statement:

The wave of attacks related to the Islamic State, are for the following reasons: increased mobilization of jihadists and their strategy of having a decentralized global structure

c. supporting ideas:

a. increased mobilization of jihadists

b. their strategy of having a decentralized global structure

1. 2. Body

1. First Supporting Idea (Topic Sentence): The Jihadist salafism ideas have reached


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