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Site Analysis of 599 -605 Swanston Street, Carlton

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and Plan Melbourne 2017-2050, have to be followed in the stage of developing the planning. (Planning Scheme Online 2017c)

Regarding supply of urban land (11.02-1), the scheme tends to ensure an adequate supply of land for forecast demand for, for instance residential, commercial, industrial and leisure uses (Planning Scheme Online 2017c). The scheme indicates that planning must regard the Victorian Government population projections and land supply estimates whereas an additional 2.2 million houses will be required in Victoria by 2051 (Planning Scheme Online 2017c, State Government of Victoria 2016).

Clause 15: Built Environment and Heritage

As indicated in figure 4, partially, the selected site is identified as a heritage overlay 810.

Figure 4: Heritage overlays (Planning Scheme Online 2009)

Besides the decision guideline (Clause 65), the precedent has to fit in Clause 15 additionally. Clause 15 ensures that the development responds to the landscape, cultural values and valued built, and protect the site with significant heritage, cultural values and so forth. Firstly, as claimed in 15.01-2 urban design principles, about heritage, new development has to innovatively respect historic buildings, therefore to leave meaningful inheritance for further generations. Within 15.03 Heritage, the planning must regard to the findings and recommendations provided by the Victoria Heritage Council. (Planning Scheme Online 2013d)

Clause 17: Economic Development

Clause 17 of economic development might be relevant to the study area since the area is aiming to develop the centre of Melbourne as an internationally important area for Australia, and serve the demand of the public including residents, tourisms and workers (Planning Scheme Online 2016a, Planning Scheme Online 2016b).

Under Clause 17, it encourages retail, recreational, office and other types of commercial services which respond the demand of the communities. Moreover, Clause 17 aims to provide relevant benefits including accessibility, efficient use of infrastructures and sustainable commercial facilities. (Planning Scheme Online 2017b)

17.03-2, tourism in metropolitan Melbourne encourages development in city precincts and promenades to preserve and develop central Melbourne as a desirable place for visitors. Furthermore, it is intended to revitalise the retail centre of the metropolitan area and provide information services, public facilities and amenities. (Planning Scheme Online 2017b)

Local Planning Policy Framework (LPPF):

The LPPF is consistent with the SPPF. It has two parts which are municipal strategic statement and local planning policy. (State of Victoria 2017)

Following policy frameworks are potentially applicable to the chosen site.

Clause 21.04: Settlement

The areas of incremental growth, including the original city centre and stable residential areas (as showed in figure 6), will be regulated by the current planning scheme, while the selected site is located within the purposed urban renewal areas (no.5 City North).

Figure 6: Growth Area Framework Plan (Planning Scheme Online 2015a)

The Proposed Urban Renewal Areas(21.04-1.3) is identified as the areas for the further development of the city. City North is defined as a potential area for extension of the central city of Melbourne. (Planning Scheme Online 2015a)

Scheme identifies the City North as one of the areas where needs to be planned for urban renewal. Within growth (21.04-2), scheme aims to provide for the estimate growth in the metropolis over the next 20 years, by planning and designing urban renewal areas to supply optimal residential and working environment. (Planning Scheme Online 2015a)

Clause 21.06: Built Environment and Heritage

Under the 21.06-2 heritage, the scheme requires the planning to maintain the visual prominence of historical and cultural architecture and places and to ensure the development does not ruin the character, which is integrated with the SPPF clause 15. (Planning Scheme Online 2015b)

Clause 21.07: Housing

To support the increasing population, the scheme plans to accommodate the increased residents in the growth area of the city with a good quality of services which provide a good quality of life. Under the objective 4 of clause 21.07, strategy 4.2 points that safe and well-designed and organised student dwelling located with accessibility to, for example public transport and tertiary educational institutions, should be supported. (Planning Scheme Online 2013a)

Clause 21.08: Economic Development

The Parkville, where the chosen site located in, is identified as knowledge precinct in the Economic development map (figure 7).

Figure 7: Economic Development Map (Planning Scheme Online 2013b)

Knowledge areas are dense co-location of infrastructures including business companies and educational facilities. It will be urged to strengthen the competitiveness and creativity of the city of Melbourne. (Planning Scheme Online 2013b)

Knowledge precincts (21.08-5), which support the development and operation of education, medical activities and related used, protect the amenity of adjoining residential areas and public parks at the same time.


Zones’ purpose is to set the broad view of land. It decides what purpose that the land can be utilised for. (State of Victoria 2017)

Clause 37.04: Schedule 5 to the Capital City Zone

The study area is divided into a zone where is aiming to be promoted as an internationally renowned knowledge extension of the centre of Melbourne (figure a). The goal of the development of the site is to encourage a diversified use therefore to serve the demand of citizens, commuters, students and tourisms (Planning Scheme Online 2016b).

Figure a: the land use of the selected site (LANDCHECKER 2017b)


Overlays provide the principles to deal with detail concerns, such as heritage and environment, for the land. (State of Victoria


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