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Repealing No Fault Divorce Will Decrease Divorce Rates

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doesn’t mean they didn’t have problems, but they’ve confronted those problems and insisted on staying with each other when other couples have given up (Clark pp. 409-432). If it was mandatory for engaged couples to have premarital education and pay higher fees for a marriage license then marriage might be more serious among couples and not so disposable, in the state of Michigan this is a proposed divorce reform (Clark pp. 409-432).

Couples should have a waiting period if they file for divorce. This waiting period would replace the No Fault Law for divorce. The waiting period would be at least 1 year. In that year couples would work together and take whatever educational programs that are necessary to avoid divorce. Their educational program should consist of improving skills of communication and conflict resolution. Majority of the time couples divorce because they do not know how to solve these issues when this can probably be taught in a day. It should be also mandatory that they live together, this way it will not have either spouse encouraged to date. If the waiting period has ended, I believe the spouse trying to preserve the marriage should be offered more then 50/50 split, it should be more of a 60/40 or 70/30 type of split. As I stated before in the beginning, divorce only should be implemented if there is abuse, abandonment, and adultery. In Reagan’s later years he mentioned to his son Michael that the “No Fault Law” was one of his biggest regrets. Canceling the No Fault Law for divorce would help improve our economy by not having single parents resort to welfare, reduce the use of the child support system, reduce time spent in court and paying for lawyers, and create family values in the home. Hopefully one day all engaged couples can acknowledge that marriage isn’t just a title or fun to have a wedding but it is a serious oath you take with the person you love and plan to spend the rest of your life with.

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