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Food Waste

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Felicitas Schneider has been one of the few researchers who tubing permission to analyze the food dumped by a shop, and he discovered that the day is thrown 45 kg of usable food, as there are some products which reached its legal expiration date but actually follows the product being fresh, and not because the product has expired but because the company wants to retain certain characteristics to achieve a certain prestige or reputation of selling quality products. The waste of food begins in the field, these are selected and they must meet certain characteristics for example, the food should not have marks, bumps and defects. According to the investigation 40 to 50% of these food is lying on fields, this is due to the standards set by trade, sometimes the people will pick up what is thrown. Shopping centers and wholesale markets are the main spender’s foods like fish seafood, fruits and vegetables. Failure to sell the goods this is dumped or broken up, only one a few part of the food is donated. There are foundations that are dedicated to the collection of foods that are intended to be thrown away and come to save 120 tons of food that you can still take advantage of these groups they come to help millions in need. When disposing food we collaborate to this price increase, the more we throw the more prices rise, and what we throw away is enough to feed three times to the needy worldwide.

It is urgent research more about this problem, especially when we consider that food security is a major concern in many parts of the underdeveloped world. Increasing primary food production is essential to meet future growth in final demand, tensions between production and access to food can also be reduced by exploiting the potential of reducing food losses. There are effective solutions along the entire food chain to reduce the total amount of food lost or wasted. Actions should not be directed solely towards isolated parts of the chain, because what is done (or not) in a part has consequences for the rest. In low-income countries, measures should be directed, first, to the producer (Improved cultivation techniques, education of farmers, storage facilities and cold chains). In industrialized countries, however, the proposed solutions in manufacturing and producer would be unprofitable if consumers are wasting at current levels. We must inform households and consumers to change the behavior that causes the current high levels of food waste. Another point to emphasize is that the food supply chain is increasingly globalized. Some food products are produced, processed and consumed in very different parts of the world. The impact of growing international trade in food losses should still be better assessed. Therefore, this information is intended only to make people aware, and to do not waste more of what this report had mention. People can make a change, going to cheaper places to buy their fruit, as if they see that a food is not very well preserved it can give to someone if needed, or any organization that needs of those foods to help people. For these reason, we have to make better decisions and remember that the change is in our hands.


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