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Fly-In Fly-Out (fifo)

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workers to make it informal.

Men are more likely to talk to his wife or mates than to formal support services. In a male dominated workplace it is important to encourage socialising with their co-workers who are also going through similar struggles.

Specific - To create support groups on-site amongst FIFO workers

Measurable - Able to see how many FIFO workers are attending and participating in these support groups through registers or surveys.

Action Oriented - By getting the government or the mining companies themselves to form unions within FIFO workers. Meditating with both FIFO employees and corporations to bring about change in cultural attitudes of the “tough guy” ideology.

Realistic - The workers themselves will greatly benefit as it will help form positive relationships with co-workers and peer support. This will intern reduce isolation and loneliness as well as arguments/disagreements with colleagues which were identified as risk factors for work-related suicide and depression. The companies will benefit by having workers who are cooperative and supportive of one another, as mining is often team based.

Time stamped - A 6-month progress will indicate how successful these support groups are through the number of people participating. It can also be an overall long-term goal of perhaps three years to see whether it has prompted a decline in depression rates amongst the FIFO workers.

Illicit drug abuse (substance abuse)

Goals to decrease the high rates of drug addiction:

1. Educating FIFO workers about the risks of over consuming drugs such as alcohol.

Specific - Educating FIFO workers on the risks of drug abuse through pamphlets, posters, booklets and talks on the mining site.

Measurable - By doing a survey on how many people have viewed the brochures and have attended the talks.

Action Oriented - Advocate to get funding from the government for pamphlets, booklets, posters, etc. It is important to make the information accessible on and off the mine site. By having posters easily viewable both off-site and on-site everywhere as well as making the pamphlets with information on the risks of drug use available in each dormitory.

Realistic - It will benefit the worker as it will allow them to be educated about looking after their physical well-being. The companies will also benefit as there is less chance for workplace hazard issues due to influence of drugs to occur. Healthier workers also mean more productivity.

Time stamped - This will be a long-term goal of reducing the use of drugs. What is more likely to happen is that perhaps there will be less number of people going to pubs or workers visibly drinking.

2. Increasing the number of urine testing and by making it compulsory in all mining sites to undergo this process both on and off-site.

Specific - Increasing the number of urine testing and by making it mandatory in all mining sites to undergo this process

Measurable - How many workers have undergone the testing and how many people have been caught taking drugs or drinking over the alleged amount. By making it stricter, it forces the workers to quit drinking and hence over time.

Action Oriented - Mediate for change by having mining companies establish stricter regulations on testing while entering the site and leaving the site.

Realistic - The workers and the mining companies will both benefit.The workers will benefit regarding physical and mental well-being while the companies will have a safer workplace as well as healthier employees. Less number of miners are likely to take leave or go the hospital due to aftereffects such as hangovers; hence the company will be able to benefit by saving money.

Time stamped - Over a short time frame such as two months is enough to see whether the drug use rates have declined.


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