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Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility - Innocent & Ineos Case Study

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In a sustainable society, nature is not subject to systematically increasing:

- Concentrations of substances extracted from the Earth’s crust (such as fossil carbon and metals);

- Concentrations of substances produced by society (such as nitrogen compounds, CFCs, and endocrine disrupters);

- Degradation by physical means (such as deforestation and over-fishing)

And in such society People are not subject to conditions that systematically undermine their capacity to meet their needs (such as from the abuse of political and economic power).

For PVC Industry; sustainability is defined as overcoming to below five specific & systemic challenges:

- To become carbon neutral

- Closed-loop recycling

- No accumulation of emissions in the environment

- The industry to adopt sustainable additives

- Challenging the value chain to collaborate to become more sustainable

Hydro Polymer’s progress on the a.m. challenges is summarized as follows:

- Carbon Neutrality: Significant reduction of CO2 emissions achieved during years 2001-2005. This has led to over 80 Kg of CO2 reduction per ton of PVC produced.

- Closed-loop recycling: Steady progress has been made by producing EcoVin product that is manufactured from post-industrial scrap. in 2005 they had nearly 2500 tons of sales that could have otherwise been destined to landfill.

- Elimination of persistent organic pollutants: They reported a continuously reduction in dioxin levels.

- Sustainable additives: in 2005 they announced to be lead-free by the end of 2007. They supposed to replace Lead based with either Calcium/Zinc and/or OBS based systems.

- Raising awareness across the industry: They arranged complementary raw material supplier event in April 2005 & Marketing/Sustainability workshop during the official opening of the new chlorine plant at Rafnes in Oslo.


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