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Chase Strategy

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2 officers that would alleviate the overload on the current staff =

2 *(40 hours per week) *(26 weeks) = 2080 hours

This will lead to less overtime hours and less overtime cost.

Saving in the overtime cost as a result of these 2 officers = 2080 * 18 = $ 37,440

Whereas the cost of additional overhead cost (salary of these two new officers per year) = 2 * 28000 = $ 56000

New officers would be helpful to decrease the overtime hours during the special events and Saturday footballs. Also, they will help in diminishing the tiredness of the sworn officers and at the and that will affect the productivity of current officers.

Other 2 officers that assigned for new programs also justify it, when the community needs to implement crime prevention, security and health programs.

As a result, the SWU department would better follow the Chief's plan.

Q4: How much does it currently cost the college to provide the police services for football games? What would be the pros and cons of completely subcontracting this work to outside law enforcement agencies?

Football Weekend ( Five football Saturdays)

9 hours per day

Five football Saturdays

Nos. of current staff/extra staff

Extra hours/ person worked

Rate Per hour

Total Additional Cost

Regular Officers work 8 hours overtime


5 * 8 = 40



Law Enforcement officers( taken the minimum no. as 40)


5* 9 = 45



State Police


5 * 9 = 45



Students and local residents


5 * 9 = 45



Total Additional Cost

$ 61245

Q5: Propose other alternatives.

Two alternatives can be proposed;

Subcontracting to the third party – Except the key portfolios like crime prevention, safety, theft prevention which should remain in sworn officers, Southwestern University can subcontract some portion of the work like education and prevention program, health program of the community to the third parties. This would help in dimishing the work load on the current officers and also help reduce the overall cost of the police service.

Using part-time workers – For taking care of education and prevention programs part-time workers can be trained. Since, their salaries are to be half of the subcontractors, this can be very cost effective alternative. Also in this alternative key portfolios like crime prevention, safety, theft prevention should remain with the sworn officers.


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