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My Case Analysis

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Points: May be given in plus or minus 10 increments only

They may be rewarded for:

Exceptional behavior (something done or accomplished)

Knowledge of memorization task

Completion of a task


They may be taken away for:

Improper handling of pledge book

Disorganization of pledge book

Not showing a positive representation of club

Uniform: Full uniform will be worn each Wednesday

The uniform includes:

Crest (Oxford for pledges)

Black Pants (skirts may be worn but must be appropriate length)



Black closed toes shoes


Key (pledges)

Visits: Visits may begin Wk. 1. A member’s availability must be provided to the pledges. A visit must be scheduled in advance. If a member or pledge must cancel a visit, they should be made aware prior to visit time. Group visits will be up to member. Each member should be prepared with questions for the visit. A visit must last 20 minutes or more. At the completion of the visit, the visit must be recorded in pledge book.

Daily Uniform: (Keys worn at all times for pledges)

Monday: Wear Blue or Silver

Tuesday: Club Shirt

Wednesday: Full Uniform

Thursday: Dress nice (Church Attire)

Friday: Theme Day

Gamma Sigma Dates for Pledging

January 15th BID DAY!

January 30st Big Reveal

February 5th Pledge Dance/Plaque Hunt

February 12th Family Sleepover

February 13th Club Breakfast

TBD Member Skip/Initiation

*The only date we don’t know is Pledge Skip which as we all know, can be any Tuesday or Sunday during club

Points Systems

Pledges will be asked to keep record of points given and taken away in their pledge books. Pledges should obtain a total of 3,000 points to become a member.

Points are given as follows:

+75 for each theme day which all pledges participate in

+10 for each pledge for each member that participates in theme day

+75 for each pledge planning and executing a fundraiser

+100 for each pledge for planning and executing a SH appreciation day

+100 for a visit with a Gamma Sigma Alum (sweethearts included)

+50 for making spirit sign for McM Sporting event (intramurals included)

+50 for attending a McM Fine arts program (should keep program)

+50 for attending McM sporting event

+50 for attending Chapel

+200 for completing all visits before 3rd week (before Tues. of 3rd week)

Points are taken away as follows:

-200 for each pledge doing a pledge class activity without all pledges there (unless cleared by pledge educator)

-100 for not completing memorization task on time

-200 for second time memorization not completed

-100 for not showing up to a visit without calling beforehand

-50 for being late to a visit

-100 for skipping class or club without an excuse

-100 for not greeting


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