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Free Will

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states that there is no way a good, powerful, and knowing God could allow evil to exist, because God allowing evil to exist is contrary to his nature. Some philosophers such as David Hume argued against existence of God based on the problem of evil. He stated if God exist and knows how to prevent all suffering, he would stop all Evil actions in the world so either god is not all-powerful and all-loving, or he does not exist at all. For example, a person goes to buy a gun and notifies the seller about his plan to killing someone. What the seller should do? He will try to stop the person from his intention, but he doesn’t have control over the person, either he would accept the seller‘s advise, or he would go ahead and complete his mission. The seller doesn’t have any influence or power over the man and the man has free will to do his intention; however, philosophers argue based on the problem of evil that if God has the power and control over the man, he would stop the man from his intention and doesn’t cause an evil action in the world; However, God creates humans with free will and let them to decide and choice their path.

Clifford argues that beliefs based upon insufficient evidence are always wrong. In essence, believing in something just because it may prove to be existed is not real belief. Clifford suggests that holding beliefs based upon insufficient evidence can lead to the downfall of society. Even if these beliefs turn out to be true society will suffer, people will stop examining the issues with an open mind. Clifford would say that the believer should not continue to hold his belied since there is no insufficient evidence of existence of God. However, James argues that we are not in the wrong believe things without sufficient evidence; indeed, we have the right, no less, in certain cases so to believe such as “the religious hypothesis”. He would agree with the believer to continue holding his belief. In my opinion, the argument from Evil is not successful. The Evils do not exist. The humans wrong actions and behaviors causes’ Evil actions; however, there are some actions that humans choices are not involve in them such as bad weather and nature disasters which I believe there should be reason behind them and we as a human can’t justify it. For sure God doesn’t want to damage or cause improper things happen to human; however it might be required for life cycle in the world. In my opinion, the believer should hold his belief since it comforts and gives piece to him unless his belief hurts others.

John Bender introduced “the Prediction Room” to tests and determines human‘s free will. The prediction room is a room equipped with all interesting things and activates. In the prediction room, there are super minds who analyze human‘s everyday behavior and activity. Every morning they hand a sealed envelope which includes predictions of human‘s activities to human. At the end of the day the human finds out that he did exactly as super mind predicted. We come to conclusion that the prediction of super mind does not reduce the value of the freedom that we have to make choices and decisions. Bender is successful since “the prediction Room” shows that each individual have the free will and have ability to decide what to do. Whether or not a super mind can predict our actions is insignificant, and does not interfere with our ability to choose and decide.

In conclusion, human‘s creation with free will has debated and argued through majority of philosophers. In my opinion, the existence of evil and evil action shows that we as humans have free will to decide and choice our actions, so we have to use our power in correct way and be responsible for our choices.


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