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Urban Development in China

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and the opportunity to establish populations, thus forming many patches of habitat in the original whole habitat, which has a direct impact on the normal dispersal and migration of the species distributed. Habitat fragmentation, for example, limits the dispersal of many reptiles and amphibians, reduces the chance of establishing new populations, thereby affecting species colonization and extinction. At the same time, plant species that rely on them to spread their seeds also drop, triggering a chain reaction [6]. Establish public awareness of ecological environment protection, as the main body of urban ecological environment system, is the designer, builder and manager of urban ecological environment. People’s behavior mode plays a dominant role in the function of town. Many cities and towns ecological environment problems are due to decision-makers, planners, managers and the public lack of awareness of ecological environment protection caused by. Therefore, I think in the future planning of the city when the city should give full consideration to the construction of the original ecological system changes, the original ecological environment influence, to cause mild turbulence on it, make the ecological system will not be hit, biodiversity declined sharply. China’s new urbanization should be based on the basic concept of not destroying ecological balance, developing environment-friendly economy. For the coordinated development of ecological civilization, that is not in the Chinese city in the process of development can only focus on one aspect, only consider the economic development while ignoring the city space expansion, ignoring the development of resources, environment and other natural systems, should be considered in long-term vision. China’s future urbanization process of resources should be moderate consumption, the negative impact of environmental control, and thus to achieve the ecological civilization in the process of urbanization in human society and the coordinated development of nature.


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