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Mba 6322 - Leadership in Supply Chain Management

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Last the encourage the heart rankings were between 3.7 – 4.3. I rated myself as a 5. I dis- agree with the observers rating because this is the leadership tactic I use the most. I always appeal to team members or coworkers from emotional perspective to get their feeling involved. To me it increases their commitment to the process and the company overall. For example, I always ask “What if this was your company?” This often gets them thinking, and eventually they show a little more commitment and ownership.

The Five Practices Bar Graph

The Model the way bar graph shows variation in setting personal example of what he/she expects from other people. I believe this variation exists because I need to focus on the development of my team members more. I need to figure how to better relate to their learning style and incorporate in that in my leadership tactics. It also showed a variation in spending time making sure people behave consistently with the principles and standards that have been agreed upon. I can improve this by making sure the Standard Work Instructions are clear and concise. I can also keep a progression chart to keep track of each team members progress in each process.

The Inspire a shared vision bar graph showed a slight variation in being upbeat when talking about what could be accomplished. This is due to my own low rating. I usually underestimate the impact I can have on my coworkers and team members. I can Improve this by being more confident in my leadership skills. For example, setting expectations, ensure that everyone understands, and the following through until finished. If my teams see my commitment to the cause it will build trust, and return I will be more confident in my leadership.

The Challenge the Process bar graph showed slight variation. The one that stood out the most would be taking initiative in experimenting with the way things can be done. This variation suggest that I need to step outside of my comfort zone. I agree with this variation, I often times become complacent when I see a process working efficiently. My team member also tends to put things on auto pilot when the day to day operations become redundant. We can fix this by alternating between job duties, and challenging each other to come up with new ways to increase productivity.

The variations exist in all three of the categories because as over rated my efficient from a personal perspective. I understand now that I have not mastered all five of the practices presented today. To be honest I am not shocked, because I have only been in a leadership role for 5 years. Not mention it is at a lower level, so I understand that there is much more for me to learn. For example, the most individuals I have managed at one time is 5. Which a small number compared the 5 branches my current managers covers. Overall, I would say that rating was average. I believe that these variations exist because I am underdeveloped in some areas. I will get better as I master certain skills covered in class over time. This analysis was very informative, I will use it to reflect on the areas I need to improve on.


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