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Gender Equality in the Workplace

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Transition: Now that I have enlightened you about the issues regarding gender equality in the workplace, I will explain how to promote gender equality in the workplace.

- The promotion of gender equality in the workplace can only make a company grow stronger. You can promote gender equality in the workplace in many different ways.

- Establish roots within the workforce to promote individuality and diversity.

- As a company, work with national and international areas with various individuals, groups, and organizations.

- Create a policy to empower workers to support equality in the workplace.

- Assign roles and establish a hierarchy based off of ability and success, not gender.

Summary: In order to have equal gender rights in the workplace, a policy has to be established, agreed to by all workers, and enforced by the employers. The more promoting of gender equality in the workplace there is, the stronger the company will be as a whole.


Summary: Through my research of gender equality, I have concluded that a company can evolve and be perceived in a positive way with men and women working together as a whole. Without gender equality becoming a part within a workplace, man vs. man and woman vs. woman might cause debates with the possibility of tension within the workplace.


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