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The Spread of Christianity and Islam

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in large cities, they believed the gospel would eventually spread to the countryside. In contrast, Islam was spread throughout rural areas and small villages. On the other hand, followers of the Christian church, still faced prosecution. However, the religion carried on and grew more in depth. In contrast, persecution against followers of Islam, essentially ceased by the death of Prophet Muhammad. These distinctions made the spread of Christianity and Islam dissimilar. The contrasting strategies for development assisted in determining the territory each religion would cover as it expanded. Thus, the gospel expanded to Roman territory, however, it was also carried out to other areas, such as India and even parts of Ethiopia. Around the time of 200 A.D, followers of Christianity developed around Turkey and the Middle East. Islam, on the other hand, conquered North Africa and even the Middle East. Muslims also extended to the Iberian Peninsula, almost reaching Paris. Because of moving in with force, Islam was faced with resistance in parts of Europe, because Christianity was very strong there. However, Islam was widely accepted in parts of Syria and Egypt, mostly because the people living in these places were living under suppressive rule. As a result, Islam was not able to expand far into Europe, similar to Christianity during the Roman Empire. Instead, Islam remained in south Europe.

It is very clear that Christianity and the spread of Islam differed greatly. Although, the spread of both religions was at first started by persecution, they spread their messages in very different ways. Presently, the impressions of Christianity and Islam are still seen in areas where they first expanded. Christianity was the leading religion of the Roman Empire, it had a significant impact on the advancement of Europe. Furthermore, the two religions continue to affect the soundness of the whole world.


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