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The Second Great Awakening

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By the late 1700’s, church services were no longer attended regularly. This is because they thought God did have an important role in everyday life, he was no concerned with church attendance and that the final judgment would be how he or she lived his or her life on earth. After Charles Finney came, church attendance went up and also started the temperance movement. The Temperance Movement was a movement to stop the drinking of alcohol, which was very common in the late 1800’s. By 1830’s, there were more over 6,000 temperance groups. Woman also supported these groups due to the fact that their husbands were spending all the money on alcohol and not enough for the family.

The shakers were the first successful American communal movement. This small group of devoted believers arrived in New York City freeing religious persecution. She challenged them to seek salvation for passivism, celibacy, confession and gender equality. Confronted by by a culture hostile to these irrational conventions, they created their own communities away from the rest of the society and gained thousands of followers. Their specific communal movement believed in a system of complex marriage. They also believed that Mother Ann Lee was the reincarnation of Christ. She had a vision the instituted the seed of belief that the shakers worshiped. After her death in 1784, she was honored as the second coming of Christ, which made the rest of the community to move into a more disciplined community. They also believed that sexual lust was the worst sin anyone could commit. They had many customs’ which included free form of dancing. They took in orphans to raise grow their communities’ population. They decreased in 1859 due to the increase in private and public orphanage’s.

Many easterners did many missionary work in Hawaii, Alaska, and in the west of the Indians. It stimulated humanitarian reforms because of the religious event, others such as prison reforms, temperance cause, the women’s movement and the crusades to abolish slavery were reinforced. Women and blacks were able to participate in the evangelical revivals association during the Second Great Awakening in the 18th century. It also made way for the feminist and the abolitionist movement.

The Second Great Awakening made a great impact on America.

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