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The Great Defeat at the Battle of Dieppe

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this created a hole of 86 minutes before bombs were dropped at the requested location” (Dennis pp. 295). Also, heeding the Royal Air Force Regiment (RAF) doctrine no attempt was made to provide direct communication between pilots and ground troops so these squadrons operated according to an elaborate plan of prearranged support (Legion). Furthermore,

Copp, a military historian, raises a point when he is conducting tours of the area is asked what else could have been done with the RAF. His answer seems simple and was taken into account in the D-Day planning. “We agree that heavy bombers would not have helped, but maybe some system of air support in which the troops could communicate directly with the Hurricanes would have made some difference.” (Legion).

From the points raised by Copp, and from other support ideas, the battle of Dieppe showed to have little or no communication through the different regiments fighting the Battle.

In conclusion, of the “4,963 Canadians who embarked for the operation, only 2,210 returned to England, many of these surviving men were wounded. There were 3,367 casualties, including 1,946 prisoners of war; 916 Canadians lost their lives” (Government). Thousands of men lost theirs lives, landing craft were destroyed, tanks were deserted during the evacuation and very few objectives were met. The Battle of Dieppe was a great disaster for Canadians, for a number of reasons, some of them being: inadequate planning, insufficient fire support, and lack of communication.


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