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Denial of Armenian Genocide

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property that belonged to 1.5 million people which would include billions of dollars, with respect to growth in value over 100 years. This alone is an adequate reason for Turkey’s unwillingness in the acknowledgment of the existence of Armenians in Turkey. (The Armenian Genocide and Turkey’s Attempt to Deny It)

The Armenian genocide is as an antecedent, in terms of genocide, for the 20th century. This event is one of the most persuasive human right catastrophes of World War I, helping to instigate Adolf Hitler to implement the massacres three decades later. Hitler encouraged his generals to annihilate the Polish race when he questioned, “Who speaks today of the extermination of the Armenians?” a week before the German invasion of Poland. No country wants to be credited for inspiring the Holocaust and World War II. Turks today are most likely unwilling to admit to indirectly causing World War II. Hitler’s statement raises attention to the presence of denial that exists today and to Turkey’s ongoing efforts to erase this enormous human injustice from history. (Travis, Hannibal)

Turkey’s denial of the Armenian genocide is a question of a psychological obstacle. How can an individual acknowledge that his country and grandparents are guilty of an enormous crime against humanity, like genocide? Armenian journalist Hrant Dink claimed, “The Turks are good people and know that genocide is a horrible crime. It is precisely because of this they do not want to admit that they may have committed such an action.” That an individual, in an Oriental society, would even dare to indict one’s own nation and own grandfathers of rape and murder is almost unimaginable. A strong example is the statement by the Turkish historian Yusuf Halacoglu, “This is a question of whether to assume responsibility for a shameful inhuman act. I will not accuse my grandfather for being a felon for a crime he did not commit.” (Frequently Asked Questions: Denial) A significant amount of the forefathers of the Turkish Republic were either contributors to the genocide or they gained from the genocide. Mustafa Kemal, first president of Republic Turkey, did not waver in employing members of the “Teshkilat Mahusa”, the main perpetrators of the Armenian genocide, to enforce its structures into the new Turkey. Therefore, Turks today are reluctant to recognize wrongdoings of the past because confessing that the founders of Republic Turkey, respected as heroes, were involved in unethical activities and guilty of inhumane crimes. (Why Does Turkey Deny the Armenian Genocide)

Genocide is the gravest, most convoluted, and most atrocious mode of inhumanity. It is carried out against the helpless, innocent, and unarmed individuals, not because of what they have done but because of who they are. And even when the killing is complete, denial of a genocide is an ongoing effort to damage the victim group psychologically and socially. The lack of respect given to the Armenian genocide is appalling; an event that killed 75% of its population. Genocide denial deny its members even the commemoration of the slaughters of their kin.

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