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A Genocide by Canada

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all over Canada kept quoting ‘kill the Indian out of the child” meaning to destroy everything that makes them Indian and turn them white. People of higher ranks encouraged all the violence against the indigenous people and wanted them all either white washed or gone. The Canadian government also banned the natives from celebrating their traditional ceremonies. The traditions were considered uncanny and not normal for the English and French so they forced the aboriginals to stop or that they would be harmed. In the residential schools the kids were forced to communicate in either French or English and were not permitted to speak their own language or that would result in them getting beaten, or starved for multiple days. Every child that went to the school eventually forgot their own language and culture that way and that made the government and churches who supported this genocide, very happy. Thus an attempt to destroy the aboriginal culture was also made by Canada.

Everything that the Indigenous people went through and experienced was all run through by the Canadian government. It was the government who passed all the laws allowing the RCMP to forcefully take first nation children from their homes to the residential schools and imprison or give heavy fines to the parents of the kids who were not cooperating and letting their children go. The government was also the one who took and invaded the first nation’s homes and lands and left them for nothing. They tricked the first nations into signing treaties that would benefit only them and did many other unfair things. The Canadian government was also responsible for the diseases and infections released into the residential schools. They were the ones who let the churches treat the Indian kids the way they were treated. All that the government did to the First Nations was intentional and done deliberately so that the Indians would change their culture and be more white and civilized. Therefore, everything that was happening to the first nations was all done deliberately by the Canadian government.

To conclude, what Canada did to the First Nation People from 1870-1996 was genocide because a large population of them were targeted and oppressed, the government forced them to be isolated from Canadian society, an attempt was made to destroy the aboriginal culture, and the Canadian government did it all intentionally to destroy the First Nations. This proves that what the indigenous people experienced was more than just Cultural Genocide because more was done than just an attempt to kill their culture. Lives were taken, Land was stolen and children were harmed and mistreated.


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