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The Puritan Impact upon America. What Long Lasting Traditions to Social, Religious and Economic Expressions Did This Group Infuse into the Fabric of the American Traditions?

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The Puritans were able to impact the Americas economically. The economic well being of the New England colonies during the Puritan occupation was mostly centered on family-sized farms and occasional trading. If you were a Puritan during the 1650’s, you would: have a small area of land where you grow your plants, cut wood, build things you need with wood; buy metals, books, cloth, and food that was not growable as well as other provisions from merchants. (Studios) In every puritan was engraved a sense of hard work and sharing with Neighbors. The mindset of the Puritans was that if they worked hard enough they could gain wealth but only if they worked hard. This help the development of capitalism with is an economic and political system in which a country's trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state. This is a very important piece to our government prosperity and without the Puritans, it may not have happened. Since the Puritans had an agricultural society they had slave labors. This brought many repercussions in American history like the civil war and segregation. Economically, up until the 1930’s, our system of farming and communal trade could also be traced back to the Puritans who lived here. In our society today, religion does not play as big of a role as it did in the mid-1600’s, but we can still see their foundation in today’s society. The tenacity and enthusiasm to do God’s work held by the Puritans of the 1600’s can be seen today as well but in a different form. God’s work has been changed to the pursuit of happiness, which, in a sense, is what both lead to. The Puritans affected American history religiously, socially/politically and economically.

In conclusion, the puritans help America develop religiously, socially/politically and economically. They were English Protestant reformers from the 16 century who sought to purify the Church of England of Catholic rituals and creeds (Bailey), as well as were inspired by the ideology of John Calvin and his Calvinistic views. The Puritans took an evangelical worldview and applied it to their daily life. The Puritan way was more than just an ideology or religion; it was a way of life for the pilgrims. They wanted to live peacefully and in harmony, having a place where everybody was “equal”. When they settled in Plymouth they change the course of American history religiously, socially/politically and economically. The Puritans felt like they had been chosen by God at the same time they played the foundation for a dedicated to freedom equality and justice for all even if the reality often looks very different. Today religion is a private and personal matter; perhaps because it has a huge political significance


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