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Research Information on Homicide and Death Investigations

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Someone dressed as a clown emerged from the car carrying two balloons and a flower arrangement. When Catherine answered the door, the clown handed her the gifts. The clown then pulled out a gun, shot Catherine in the face, walked back to the car and peacefully drove away. Catherine died two days later in a hospital

At the time, detectives said that they had recognized a suspect but didn't have enough indication for a conviction. No arrests had been made in the bold killing until Monday, July 2017.

Angela Thomas, who married the slain woman's husband 6 months after the killing, was taken into custody in Abingdon, Virginia. For months; there were no breaks in the case until 2016, when the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office cold case unit reopened the investigation. Authorities hunted down witnesses, re-interviewed them and surveyed evidence using DNA technology.

Detectives also discovered the suspect married Thomas Wayne, the widower of the victim, in 2016.When detectives first looked into the killing, they heard rumors the suspect was having an affair with Thomas Wayne.

According to Dave (2016) reported that the suspect used to run a car repossession business in South Florida. Thomas Wayne was one of her customers, and operated his own used-car and rental-car businesses, the newspaper said.


According to Reiss (1994) naturally, women commit violence or murder against people they know, frequently the vulnerable or those dependent on their care children, disabled people, and the elderly. Their criminalities happen more in remote and intimate ‘caring’ settings than in public.

One way or another, we all have to see female violence more clearly, and with more sympathy. We have to speak it head-on, nevertheless hard, rather than just bouncing and misrepresenting it through the prisms of art, literature and the media. That means doing the problematic stuff, and talking to the women who commit violent acts.


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