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Comlumbian Exchange

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Then coffee, tea and chocolate is introduced. Coffee was introduced to Europe from the Arab world where it is originated. “The drink was a novelty little known in Europe except among botanist and medial men, including those at the university of Padua, a leading center for medical research.” (Page 140, Standage) That’s because coffee’s religious opponents thought coffee was evil.

Sugar is so familiar and so common that it is difficult to imagine a world without it. Sugar was known as the medicine for the rich in the middles ages that was a staple for even the poor by the middles of the 18th century. “In the twelfth century, the medicinal nature or sugar became the pivot upon which an important theological question turned”. “Though they are nutritious themselves, sugared spices are nonetheless not eaten with the end in mind of nourishment, but rather for ease of digestion.” (Page 99, Mintz)

There were also three new world items that was immediately accepted by the old world which was, turkey, tobacco and beans. Then hunger was often the factor that determined whether the new food was accepted, because the Chinese had a huge amount of population that needed to be fed, which made them accept the new worlds food quickly. However, the food from the Columbian exchange caused a huge jump in the population of Asia, Europe, and Oceania.

To conclude, the new contact between the global population was spread a wide variety of crops and livestock’s, which increased in population in both new world and old world.


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