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Discuss How Leader-Member Exchange (lmx) Theory Helps Enhance Leadership Effectiveness

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2) Collaborating is used to search for cooperation and a mutually beneficial outcome that means “Win-Win solution”. Party solves problems by clarifying differences rather than by accommodating various points of view.

3) Avoiding is one to withdraw or suppress the conflicts, for example, trying to ignore a conflict and avoid others with whom you disagree.

4) Accommodating is one attempts to place the other conflicting party’s interest above his or her own in order to maintain relationship. More self-sacrificing.

5) Compromising is each party to a conflict seeks to give up something to results a compromised outcome, No clear winner or loser.

If I am the manager of them, I can use 9 types of resolution techniques when headline their conflicts.

- “Problem solving” which is a face-to-face meeting of the conflicting parties to identifying the problems and resolving it through open discussions.

- “Super-ordinate goals” which is creating a shared goal that cannot be attained without the cooperation of each of the conflicting parties.

- “Expansion of Resources” which can be used to solve the problem if the conflict is raised by scarcity of resources such as money, promotion and opportunities. Expansion of resources can create a win-win solution.

- Avoidance that is withdrawal from or suppression of the conflict.

- “Smoothing” is to emphasizing the common interests of both conflicting parties in order to playing down the differences.

- “Compromise” is to let each conflicting parties to give up something of values.

- “Authoritative command” which is management uses its formal authority to resolve the conflict then communicates its desires to the parties involved.

- “Altering the human variable” that is using behavioral change techniques such as human relation training to alter attitudes and behaviors that cause conflict.

- “Altering the structural variables” which changing the formal organization structure and the interaction patterns of conflicting parties through job redesign, transfer, creation of coordinating position.


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