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Poetry a Distinctive Genre

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and lyrical verse. A free verse poem doesn’t rhyme bit lyrical one do. Focal elements of poem or poetry are verse, rhyme, metre and theme. Prose isn’t poetry and doesn’t have a meter or rhythmical pattern and this novel or short stories are mainly in prose. Elements they contain are character ,setting, plot, point of view, theme and mood.

On the other hand, drama has two main branches ie. tragedy and comedy. According to Aristotle the elements of drama are chiefly plot, charcter,diction,spectacle and song. Plot is the soul of drama but poetry have no plot .

More preeminently poetry is distinguishable from the four mentioned literary genres on the basis of themes. Poetry is a way to make sense of the world. It’s a collection of small moments of minute of emotions and how we use and respond emotions. Poetry is basically an echo or sound of one’s personal views, thoughts and sentiments. Poetry can b abstract and have different meanings to the reader.

Fiction is if described in contrast to poetry, it’s a character study rather than am emotive study. It let’s us sort out how people and mind work ,how we fit ourselves into the world and how we view and catogrise others .Novel and short story have y subject that range from something as murdance as a daily arrand or as thrilling as ghost tale.

Two genres poetry and drama produce distinct presentations of their art. Poetry expresses emotions, observations and feelings by use of first person, use of I. While in drama, the writer creates an external way of expressing himself within plot. Drama can be a way of laying realities or criticism of society or people. This leaves less room for drama to be abstract .It carries a didactic purpose.

So, in genres we can say that poetry is very much distinctive genre as compared to others. Though all other main genres are the offshoot of poetry. Poetry is still the onlyimlressive way for expressing inner feelings. Not only it’s structure is different but the effect of excitement and catharsis it produces is examplary by its own nature.


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