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Literary Criticism in Funny in Farsi

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The theme of gender roles plays a huge part in the novel because Firoozeh knows how important gender roles are in Iran. She doesn’t fail to mention or leave out major gender roles that were expected of Iranians compared to Americans. The women in Iran do not have the same free rights that men have. Traditionally, the women usually are expected to stay at home, marry off, and have children. The men are encouraged to work hard and succeed for his families’ well being. When her family immigrated to the United States, they saw that tradition is not as strict in this new country. As a woman, she had the opportunity to attend a University which is usually looked down on in her home country. She even marries a Frenchman of her choice. Traditionally her father would have chosen her spouse for her. An arranged marriage would also consist of the woman marrying an Iranian because they are more accustomed to one another's culture.

Throughout the novel, readers can see the bright and positive tone that Firoozeh has. Even with the negative aspects of immigrating to a new country, she succeeds in bringing the audience aware that she learned to love the American culture. Despite everything that she has been through it seems that she finds the positivity in every situation.

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